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Amf options ball return


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  • Amf options ball return

    So I have 3 of the lower hubs sitting here . What part usually goes bad or easier buy the whole hub. I no easier to buy. So I'm assuming the clutch housing assembly is what goes bad. Amy help would be appreciated. Thanks Scott

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    yes, every failure for me has been bearing/race in clutch , it takes same one way clutch as ball lift


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      With a bit of care and attention you can remove the clutch and replace it. Not the easiest of jobs to do, but the more you do them, the easier it becomes. Just be careful not to nick the case. You can use a small rotary electric hand tool to cut out the bearing.
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        You can also replace it with a Brunswick powerlift clutch, which takes the same bearing, is mechanic friendly, and is cheaper.
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          Pitman2. I didnt have a spare at the time and I took that chance called center and that's what they have brunswick and worked fine. I'm looking for.the part number for brunswick to compare price. Thanks


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            Part number for the standard Brunswick power lift clutch is 53-860555-000.

            AFAIK.... QAMF still sells this item as part of their B-2 parts line. (B53860555000)
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              Thanks and yes cheaper by 40 bucks compared to amf clutch. Thanks guys


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