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90XL Steel Table Respot Cell Adjustments


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  • 90XL Steel Table Respot Cell Adjustments

    I’ve started going through our tables and adjusting the cells for proper clearance... a lot of re-racking comes from pins hitting the front finger when it is not being open all the way... mainly the back row.
    Most tables have a stud or a bolt to push the back finger forward and prevent the front finger from being pulled towards the back.
    The issue I’m having is that after a week or two some of the tables aren’t holding the adjustments and slowly the back row cells will start to lose the proper clearance for pins.
    Any help would be appreciated, not sure what I’m missing.

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    Did you check shifter link pawl clearance after adjusting your respot cells? It may not be pushing the cells open far enough.

    When you adjust the whole table, start with the 7-pin. Disconnect ALL respot cell carb links and loosen the nut attaching the 7-pin respot cell to the 7-pin table link. Pull the 7-pin table link all the way back and then set the respot cell so that when fully open you have about 1/4" clearance between the front finger and its stop, and 0 clearance between the rear finger and its stop. Tighten the nut back down and then go through 8-9-10 adjusting the carb link length to match that 1/4" clearance on those cells. Then do 4-5-6, 2-3 and 1. If there's too much slop, even machine vibration can make the cells close enough to interfere with spotting.


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      DBZodos I think that what’s what I was missing... loosening the bolt on the 7 cell. The manual and everything I’ve read on here says you set the 7 cell up with the short rod that connects to the shifter cam, and then after the back row is set up, you use the rod again to get clearance for the cam roller.

      I will also double check the pawl clearance.

      In terms of what you said with setting up the back row, the front finger should not be touching the stop? If it is, could that be making the cells too tight and eventually go out of adjustment?


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        Originally posted by BSach32 View Post
        In terms of what you said with setting up the back row, the front finger should not be touching the stop? If it is, could that be making the cells too tight and eventually go out of adjustment?
        If a cell opens and is pushing against both of its stops, it will hinder the rest of the setup from being able to open any further and so any cells with a larger clearance (either due to worn parts or bad adjustment) can remain partially closed or may close slightly when the pressure from the shifter link is released. Once you think you have the 7-pin cell set correctly, pull the 7-pin table link back to open the cell and hold it with one hand while reaching to the 7-pin cell's front finger with your other hand and see if you can pull it 1/4" away from the front stop. That's how you check that you've given it the correct clearance. After setting that clearance, check/adjust the fingers using the gauge. Then move on to the next cell. For the other cells, adjust the length of the carb links to get to that 1/4" clearance. When you're done, run the table and check that the respot cell fingers all grip their pins toward the top of the upper ring on their necks.


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          DBZodos Thank you sir. The tips are much appreciated.


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            Just make sure you have the correct adjustment size for hotbed pawl on your version of steel table though


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