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  • Steel Sweep Links

    We use the nylon sweep links on our 90XLs and customers have been clobbering them lately. I already know some of you guys swear by the aluminum versions. Those of you that have the newer steel sweep links, how do those hold up? The cost is quite a bit lower than the nylon and aluminum versions for the individual components.

    Any considerations when changing from nylon to steel?

    Are our existing sweep drive link and stabilizer links compatible (the large metal ones that attach to the sweep pivot shaft at the top of the frame)? Cross references at QAMF online shop seem to indicate that they are.

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    Are you talking about reverting back to the older style sweep?


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      I think that's what he's looking at.

      I took over a center that had nylon links make up the entire pantograph. I'm replacing the nylon link setup with the aluminum link system from the 82/70 as needed.

      You can run one side with the nylon setup and the other with aluminum, but you cannot mix the nylon and aluminum links on the same side. They don't have the same offset. The only exception is the sweep support link (the one that the shock mount bolts to). The aluminum support link will work with the nylon links but not the other way around. Or at least I wouldn't recommend it.

      So when one the three nylon links break I change over the whole side to aluminum. The nylon links left from the coversion are reused as spares for any other nylon links that break until the time comes to swap another side out.

      I haven't dealt with the stamped steel upper/lower link system, but I'm leary of them getting bent from ball impacts. Because once bent they're pretty much useless.

      -- Larry


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        Originally posted by TheLegend View Post
        I haven't dealt with the stamped steel upper/lower link system, but I'm leary of them getting bent from ball impacts. Because once bent they're pretty much useless.
        Do they bend easily? They would be a lot cheaper to replace than the nylon ones, which snap when they get a good hit.

        I assumed the steel links were the newest style, because they don't show up in the parts guide until 82-90 on up. Our 82-90XLs have nylon links although we occasionally find an aluminum one in the mix. I'm guessing our machines arrived that way and previous lead mechanic had some reason for sticking with the nylon ones.


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          I had the steel sweeps on my 90’s they can be quite fiddly to get correct but I never had them bend from sweep balls. You really need to keep on top of the lubrication on the steel sweeps though.
          A few years back I inherited a site with the older style nylon sweep links and I could never get the adjustments correct until I removed everything and every link was bent like a banana. I priced up the aluminum sweep links and they were a ridiculous amount of money. That was cost prohibitive to me in that venue.


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