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Ss Chassis w/Omega problem


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  • Ss Chassis w/Omega problem

    I have a problem with a Chassis.
    The problem is 100% in the chassis not the pinspotter, scoring or Omega mk70 or expander.

    I have Ss Chassis with Omega MK 70s.
    I have started adding expanders. After converting a chassis this problem arose. (It ran fine before the conversation)

    I added the expander card with the new pc3 board.
    I removed caps cp1,cp2,cp3.
    I removed the pin lamp triac. (The aux board already removed)
    I cut all wires where they originated in the chassis. (Nothing grounding)

    Expander, MK70 and pc3 are all grounded.

    When chassis is on a pinspotter. On 1st ball it runs correct with new expander.

    On 2nd ball if you pick up a spare the strike light comes on and will not set full rack even with 9 pin bin switch closed.

    Also on 2nd ball if you get a gutter or 7/10 pick it reverses the sweep.

    The expander is reading 2nd ball like it reads 1st ball.. but the pinspotter is in 2nd ball ..

    Again changing The MK70 and expander with known working boards gives same result with this chassis.

    It seems like I had this problem years ago at a different location but cant remember what I did to fix it. I haven't been on 70s in 10 years .. been on 90s .. so im rusty .. lol

    Thanks in advance for suggestions

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    The Pc3 jumper should be connected to the 12 volt lug on the left side of the mother board. The MK 70 should be connected to the ground lug on the right side of the motherboard.


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      Update Fixed ..While it is true with MK70 you can remove Pin lamp Triac, Cp1, Cp2 & Cp3. When adding expanders you must keep the pink wire going to the center diode to ground lug. Ball lights will work correct with out this ground and just the MK70 but when expander is used this is how it reads 2nd ball. Also doing this I ground C2a 28m (Orange wire Unused Gripper Protection Switch ) And remove gray wire on T2 (instruomat)


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