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I want help to resolve [E-STOP] Problem on XLi Edge


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  • I want help to resolve [E-STOP] Problem on XLi Edge

    Hello guys! So glad to join here and talk to you guys here
    I'm a Korean, we just opened our own bowling alley January, last year.
    I'm a administrator here, and also doing some mechanic myself.
    Basically we are asking a company to maintain our lanes and machines, which is a agency of AMF in Korea.
    But one problem, even the mechanic guy is not possible to fix until now (or not trying?)
    The problem is below.

    From the start even until now (over 1 year), sometimes E-STOP error occur on 9-10 lanes (same time)
    Sometimes just 1-2 times a week, but sometimes, it happened few times a day.
    What I've recognized and analysed is that

    - it(E-STOP) happen when someone pass the back of 9-10 machines, but even didn't touch anything there. Just passed to go to other lanes.
    - After the mechanic guy got rid of the BALL LIFT GUARD, REAR (#088-001-115), the problem never happened.
    So I told him the problem is about the guard, you should fix it, then he said "just use it without the guard".

    I'm so fed up with it, we've asked the company to install all of our lanes, and maintain our lanes. All new lanes from AMF, and the company is doing AMF agency in Korea.
    Then they should solve this problem, but they are not doing.

    So I want what is the cause, solve the problem my self or make them to do with the information. I think he knows the problem is related to the LIFT GUARD, but doesn't know how to fix it.

    Could I get some advice about this problem?

    Hope you guys are doing well, always be safe!

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    I've never worked on the Edge, but I know newer machines have auto E-stop switches built into them that activate if a guard has been opened or removed.

    Did some checking through the Edge manuals I've downloaded from QAMF's customer portal and found the following:

    The Edge comes with QAMF's SmartGuard Safety System. The safety system has its own manual (pn 400-088-092A), and you should have one if it was installed. But if not, it's available through the portal.

    One of system's features is to perform an E-stop if any of the guards are opened or removed. It does this through a series of magnetic switches associated with each guard. It's similar to what you might find with a home security system that has window and door sensors. There are two half blocks to the switch and both must be close enough to each other for the circuit to close.

    I'm going to presume in your case the rear guard switch might not have been aligned well enough for the switch to stay closed even with the slightest of movement (ie: machine vibration). OR.... the magnetic interlock switch itself is defective, Since the machine is running without the guard I'm also going to presume the switch circuit has been bypassed in some manner.

    -- Larry


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