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90XL Chassis in Manual Mode 24/7 Across the House


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  • 90XL Chassis in Manual Mode 24/7 Across the House

    Hoping some of you guys might have some insights into what I consider to be a quirk of our installation, in case I ever have to troubleshoot it.

    I've only been a mechanic at my center for about 2 1/2 years and don't have a lot of info regarding the history of our 82-90XL installation in 2001-2002. I've seen a copy of the original installation bid and agreement, it was handled by US Bowling. Qubica Conqueror with Bowland was installed at that time, we upgraded to BES-X in 2016. Our lead mechanic who was on site during that installation had a stroke on my first day of work and never returned to the building -- all the info he had went with him when he left.

    We've got the small silver 115v 90XL chassis on our machines, everything is 115v. Our chassis all have to be set to Manual Mode, ALL the time. If not in Manual Mode, the scoring system cannot turn the lanes on. In Manual Mode the ball indicator lights on our masks stay on all the time even with the lanes closed, and reflect whatever state the machine was in before it was shut off (it triggers my OCD walking up front and seeing a random mix of ball 1/ball 2 across the house). We do not use the MCU for anything other than sending SPEC codes or retrieving frame counts. As far as I know, it has always been that way, lanes have always been controlled through Conqueror and scoring.

    I know from my experience on XLi Edge machines that the chassis Mode button is used to override the current state of either lane and switch it from OFF or BOWL to Mechanics mode.

    Underneath the chassis shelf on our 90XLs are two DPST on-off toggles, one for the odd lane and one for the even lane. They're patched into the wiring at the front of the pinspotters. We use these toggles as our mechanic's switch to turn machines on manually when needed. If the machine is already on from the scoring system, the toggles do nothing. If either toggle is ON but the chassis breakers are OFF, the front powerlift for the pair will remain on forever. So that tells me one pole of the DPST toggles is piggybacked onto the Front End Box's ball return connections, telling the powerlift control box to turn on regardless of the chassis state. The other pole of the DPST is telling the pinspotter to turn on if it isn't already on, I assume piggybacked onto the lane control connections for the pair at the FBox/curtain wall.

    I guess my main question after all that, is WHY was it set up that way? Why the extra wiring and toggles, why keep the machines permanently in Manual Mode? Since things are never truly shut all the way "off", we're also burning a little extra electricity, perhaps not too big of a deal day-to-day, but in terms of years and decades, potentially thousands of dollars that could have been saved.

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    Not sure if this helps.....

    On an 8290 XL (mine anyway).... when you turn the machine on in manual mode from the chassis. Turning off the mask switch or main circuit breaker at the bottom of the chassis cuts the high voltage power to the pinsetter motors and deck light, but all the low voltage (1/2 ball lights and signal to the front end lift, etc) stay on.

    Conqueror and later like to control the machine directly through a machine interface box installed for each pair. It almost sounds like they tapped into the masking unit switch circuit somehow to control the machines from the scoring. Because you said the two DPST switches under the chassis are wired to the front end box. The mask switch cable (which carries the circuit for both mask switches) goes right into the front end box.

    This is just speculation on my part. QAMF had some real good installation manuals with Conqueror systems back then. I was able to get nearly everything they had in existence back when I was allowed to build a new Conqueror CD set off their FTP servers. I had one of the first 3QT installations in the US and the Conqueror software that came with it hadn't been fully tuned for that hardware yet. Unfortunately the files and what manuals I printed out are buried somewhere around my house.

    Anyway enough reminiscing .... there is (or was I recall) an installation manual that illustrated all the wiring how Conqueror interfaced with all AMF and Brunswick machines. QAMF did put all the manuals applicable to the system installed in each center on the back office hard drive. I did a little looking around in the QAMF portal just now but didn't see anything.

    -- Larry


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