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  • EDGE Distributor & Durabin Mods

    Anyone have modifications to help stop pileups around the 4-7 slots when the spacing of the pins isn’t far enough? Not having a kidney to adjust is harshing creative vibes and taking out the belt pan doesn’t seem to help since the pan is set higher.

    Mainly all I’ve been able to do is lower the distributors so the pins slide off instead of dropping off the trip arms and have messed with the angle of the arms themselves with washers on the bumpers. Running better but not great.

    Also have some random lanes where mainly the double 8-pin will drop through the shuttle despite adjustments to move it back. Again no batwings to flip up to help the pins sit better in the bin.

    Any help appreciated. Thank you

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    In regards to your 8 pin falling through, double check the height of your table. I find having Durabins I run my tables a bit on the higher side. When you set them 5/16 at spotting height but no more than 3/8, I tend to have them more on the 3/8 side of life seeing as you can’t lower your shuttle. Also I have all my shuttles set so they are almost 3/4” wider than the shuttle gauge. If I have the shuttles set to roughly the gauge depth I get double shuttles.

    one thing I did with all my distributors to help with the 4-7, 6-10 feeds was to remove the lower or first trip fork roller on both trip forks. That gave a bit more clearance for the head of the pin as it dropped into the bin. It was amazing at just how much that improved the feeds at both corners seeing as how the feed needs to be so much more accurate with the Durabin compared to stringers. I also raised the dizzy support at the front by a couple of washers that way it had a slight angle upwards raising the front and therefore lowering the back of the dizzy.

    Hope this helps in some way
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      Pin_Head i appreciate the tips sir. Will definitely be trying out the table height and shuttle adjustment on some troubling lanes.

      just out of curiosity, would like to know your reasoning for raising the front dizzy support and lowering the back instead of the opposite? I was taught to lower the front that way the pins slide onto the bin smoother instead of dropping in the slots and wobbling.

      also was thinking maybe raising the back of the dizzy would allow the belt to grab the pins quicker instead of having such a steep drop off the pan causing the spacing to be off if it doesn’t drop directly onto the belt?

      I’m here to learn and like I said just curious to know what you’ve learned working on these.

      thank you in advance.
      - Brandon


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        I found that raising the front slightly actually aided pin feed. Maybe it may not be the same in every house with Durabin but it certainly helped me. If I was to raise the whole dizzy wit he a spacer I found I wasn’t getting a nice drop of the pin onto the o pan so hence I raised just the front which in turn slightly lowered the pan end killed 2 birds with 1 stone. Raising the front I found allowed the pin to fall into the bin pocket and clear the forks nicely especially with the lower 2 rollers removed.

        Out of curiosity what belts are you running?
        AS REQUESTED....The all new and VERY improved "super cool" Pin_Head with super hip shades.....


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          Pin_Head that’s interesting. I can see that making sense. I came from the 70’s and 90XL’s, still learning the mods on those machines don’t necessarily work on these.

          We run the Poly-V’s... I’ll be changing them out at some
          point with Splawn belts.

          But the machines were put in August 2019 so everything is still new and overall running well despite minor issues I’ve been seeing since I took over this past August.


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