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Replacing those little wheels in the kicker lift


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  • Replacing those little wheels in the kicker lift

    Hey guys, my 70C manual doesn't show the little wheel that pulls balls into the lift, and replacement isn't covered anywhere. The wheel has worn so much that it doesn't have much grab, and I had to tape a pair of cup liners in there to get the ball a little closer to it. I tried to pull off the old wheel, but there isn't any room to slip it off, and I can see there would be even less room to get the new one on. at the top of the shaft it hits the kickback. Are there any tricks to replacing these? Do I need to pull that whole assembly out? I don't even see how I could slide the pin out! Any help would be great. Thanks!

    82-70B, Stepper chassis

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    If the shaft is that tight to the wall, you will have to take it all out. I use the black kicker from Stahl's with the one flat spot, so I pry the kicker over with a crow bar and slip them off and on. My one narrow pair I can't. When you have it out you can cut the extra shaft off(above the wheel) it might help next time.


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      i use the red blaster full contact from vantage. I take them off the same way, a crow bar to move the saft over. I cut all my shafts down to about 1/4" above the flat spot on the shaft.
      amf 82-70


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        I used to pull the snap ring on the top of the shaft and tap the shaft down a little. Enough room to install the new. Then reinstall the snap ring. Or replace them with the ones that have a flat spot. Never tried them myself but I would think they go on easier.
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          Sounds great, guys. I'll climb in there again tomorrow and try taking the snap ring off. That sounds like the easiest method. We have some old stock wheels sitting around, kind of a grey wheel with a square bolt instead of an allen screw. Thanks again!
          82-70B, Stepper chassis


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            If you have any kind of oil on the lanes at all those old gray kicker rollers from AMF will bite the bullet big time. You should try EBN kicker rollers. I used them in California and went over two years before I ever had to replace one and had a ton of oil on the lanes.


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              Since the shaft really does not need to be that long we trimmed all of ours so you could easily replace kicker wheels in the machine.


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                I always just pulled the Assy. No big deal and this way you can replace both wheels and inspect the Assy. Also make sure the filler plate is centered & bolted tight. If this gets loose and falls forward, it will not let the balls in and also will eat up a wheel.
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