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82-70 90xli chassis upgrade - Pins on top of Pins?


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  • 82-70 90xli chassis upgrade - Pins on top of Pins?

    Was wondering if I could get any feedback on what may be causing this problem on one of our lanes.

    It is an isolated problem on just one lane, not the pair.

    We have 82-70's with 90xli chassis upgrades and the machine cycles, sets pins, and then will try and set another full rack ontop of the rack that is already there.

    Any words of advice on what to check out?


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    the 90xli chassis controls the pair of 82-70s correct?
    When you know what to do, everything is easy.


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        If you still have cam switches, I would check the adjustment of your table cams and possibly replace the microswitches. But since you have the xli upgrade I'm thinking that you have the encoder disks instead in which I wouldn't know.


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          The sweep and table cams are still present. We looked at those and did all we could with adjusting etc to no avail.


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            Cycle the machine and watch the spot solenoid to see if it engages on the first ball cycle, it should not. Check to see if your table clevis engages on the notch, this should on a first ball cycle. If all looks and operates as it should on the spot solenoid and in the spot solenoid engages during the first ball cycle then I would suspect the chassis to be the problem. Swap chassis with the pair next to it to see if the problem transfers if so then bad chassis.


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              Will try those.

              I know we already tried swapping out the Chassis with a fully functioning one - did not solve problem.


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                That sounds like it would make a mess when that happens.


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                  Originally posted by JonD800 View Post
                  The sweep and table cams are still present. We looked at those and did all we could with adjusting etc to no avail.
                  Does etc cover swaping out the cam switches with brand new ones, table and sweep?


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                    The spotting solenoid plunger could also be sticking. You'll probably need to sit and watch the machine to see if this is happening because, by the time you get the call and arrive at the machine, the plunger usually drops down and you can't see what's caused the problem.

                    This recent thread may be of interest:



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                      If I am not mistaken the Xli upgrade includes removing the switches for the sweep and table cams. That being the case, with the chassis already swapped and the problem staying on the one machine, it seems like the shuttle operator assembly has an issue with it not completely releasing (for whatever reason) after spotting pins.

                      That is one scenario, the other is that on a spotting cycle, after spotting the table CONTINUES to run again and spot pins on the pins on deck.


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                        Does it put the new set on the old set right-away? Or does it do it on the next frame feel for pins?


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                          Are you saying that the machine spots pins and then immediately tries to spot again.???
                          This to me is like a continuous table and the motor encoder or the cam encoder is not reading zero. If this is the case clean the lens on the table cam encoder and also blow out or clean the motor one .
                          This used to happen when the old black friction disc brakes were in use and they made a lot of dust which interfered with the light by blocking it.
                          good luck.


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                            If you have sweep and table cams in the machine, then you don't have an XLi upgrade, you have an XL upgrade. Go back to where folks suggested cam switch adjustment/replacement and ignore encoder suggestions.

                            Billy T
                            [email protected]


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                              My mistake, XL upgrade.

                              Mechanic replaced all microswitches and checked out all cams and said there were no issues there. He also replaced the bin switch and still no resolution.

                              I have a better handle of what happens. When the pinsetter is cycled and a full set of pins is standing, it will cycle normally. Picks up pins, sweep goes through, sweep returns and pins are set back down. The table releases what pins are remaining and goes back up. Then the pinsetter tries to set a new set of pins, ontop of the pins already on the deck.

                              Any more suggestions or something I have missed?



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