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Shuttle moving slightly.


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  • Shuttle moving slightly.

    82-70 SS Chassis with single board conversion.

    I dont know if this is a bad thing, or if it is normal operation. It happens on all of our machines. When the table goes down to pick up pins on first ball cycle, the same time the table moves, the shuttle moves a little too. It doesn't cause any problems, but it's odd. When there's pins in the fingers and the table is reaching the top of the stroke, the shuttle moves again the same way, (no problems) and the pins are respotted fine.

    Machine operation is fine. It was just something I noticed when watching them run. Why does it do this?
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    This is normal operation Mcgolf,it is the shuttle running into the lockout bolt to prevent the shuttle from shutteling when it is not supposed to. When the spot solenoid fires you will see 3 things happen 1)the hook drops over the spot cam follower2)the small finger drops onto the white roller's path on the table drive to make the long spotting stroke3) in the middle the blocking finger lifts out of the way of the stop bolt to let the shuttle open.Hope that helps you see it.
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      Yeah, very normal. You can fine tune the stop screw on the shuttle cam follower so it doesn't move as it passes over the notch in the cam, but if you draw it out too far it can jam the shuttle closed, or put too much stress on the solenoid and the linkage, wearing everything out a little faster. You're probably better off leaving them as they are, as long as a pin never slips through.

      82-70B, Stepper chassis


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        If the shuttle does not move when the table runs then there are problems. The shuttle should only "bump" just a tad when the table runs (when not spotting), if it moves too much pins can jam in it or fall through.


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          Agree with Tablejam, if it moves a lot then I would have a look at it deeper. Not only could the stop bolt be out of adjustment but there could be worn or potential broken parts, not to get you worried it is normal like others have said to have some movement.


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            If I remember right the gap is .015. I use a 9/16 3/8 drive crow's foot for this. You can also adjust your shuttle throw a bit on the long side.
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