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Sweep motor coasting.


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  • Sweep motor coasting.

    Apoligies if this does not deserve a new thread.

    16 lanes of AMF 82/70. Lane 16 suddenly interlocking after some activity on the lane (say 15 frames).

    The sweep motor is definately running on.

    Swapped out the motor 3 times - no joy.
    Swapped the MP chassis 3 times - again, no result.
    Swapped out the capacitors - guess what. Still the same...

    The only thing left at the back of my mind is the 'offspot kit'....

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    1 inch x 11 inch carpet strap - drill a small hole in each end
    Secure the strap with a wire tie
    Operate pinspotter and tighten strap enough to stop coasting

    30 gearbox bust same idea:


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      Check the sweep cams, levers, and switches. Also, check the M2 relay, it could be sticking. May have a bad term in C1-C2 plugs.


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        What about bad C1 pins for the sweep, sweep wiring in the front wireway, or problems with the sweep motor cord?


        • #5
          I don't have MP chasis but mach.side c1 pins was my thought. ( don't forget the sweep rev. sw. it can cause some wierd things)


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            Move the table motor cable over after it starts coasting and test it. If it comes to a dead stop then you know it is in your sweep wiring circuit. Just a loose screw in the plug could do you in.


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              Could be contactor in chassis or P.C.board heating up and breaking down Bob.
              Give me a ring.
              maister (laurie)


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