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  • It's Quiz Time Again

    82/70 machines MP chassis Accuscore Plus Scoring
    Here's the problem sweep drops 3/4 of the way down
    then back up after a gutter ball/short cycle,normally
    the sweep drops a very small amount then returns to zero.
    Machine runs fine during a normal cycle,this only happens
    during a short cycle.Sweep does not coast.
    What was wrong with this machine.

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    The sweep switch is bad.
    In search of the C2B plug


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      sweep reverse relay


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        What motor and what kind of start switch? I had solid state SS that had that problem on Westys. Also saw that on chassis with MK5 boards after I converted to potential relays. Using a different sweep rev relay fixed that
        Go Pirates


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          I have seen this happen with Westinghouse gearboxes. If it was the SA switch then the sweep would also stop past 270 as that is also when the SA lever is lifted off the switch. If it was M2 I would think the sweep motor would have trouble starting or always running backwards. If it was sweep reverse causing coasting I would think it would also coast at home or first guard. I don't know for sure about sweep run. I would say contactor or C1plug but again it would show up in other sweep stopping positions. So basically when the sweep does an auto reverse (and is not coasting) it reversed up through home and stops late then returns to home....with no coasting.....hmmm.


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            Answer the white wire in the Russell Stoll plug was loose.
            The way I discovered the answer was after changing the
            sweep motor, when I plugged the Russell Stoll plug back in I
            had no power to the machine,opened the plug and I could see
            the white wire was ready to pop out.


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