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Sheared rotor shaft


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  • Sheared rotor shaft


    Got a note that lane 13 BE motor just hums and wont run. My first thought is cap or switch. Upon first inspection I can't even turn the elevator by hand so I start to unbolt the motor. I get the last bolt out and am getting ready for the hassle of pulling the motor off (majority of ones I've serviced haven't had anti-seize) when the motor falls to the pit. There is about 3/8 inch of shaft sticking out. I'm now trying to figure out the best way to pull this out. I gripped it with vice-grips as tight as I could get them and wedged a chisel between the face and the grips. Tapping with a hammer but can't get a good enough grip. My next thing to try is drilling a hole in the middle of the shaft and tapping it. then rigging up something akin to a steering wheel puller. Anybody have to deal with this before?
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    Been there.

    You could try drilling then threading the hole in the broken shaft for a bolt or screw so you would have something to grab onto and spraying it good with PB Blaster to try to free it. Or if you have a spare gearbox worm shaft ready, on the machine you can remove the motor mount plate then by hand rotate the pin elevator pulley backwards which should push the worm shaft out of the gearbox. Then either take the worm with the broken motor shaft to the bench and try to get it out or just put in the replacement worm and be done with it.

    This also works with National combos.


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      That's an awesome tip TJ, to let the brass gear push it out for you.

      I had something similar happen and how I got the frozen piece out was to drill relief holes in the center so I could crush it down and get enough gap to spray some rustbreaker between the two pieces. Then I drilled a hole straight through the now crushed steel and put a grade 8 bolt through it and hit the bolt with a deadblow.

      you probably wouldn't want to drill the hole before you crush it since your bolt won't go in the messed up hole.
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        Sometimes you can pull them out easy with vise grips with the belts removed but turning the pulley to push it out is a little easier. Had a few shafts break off in there before like this and also had a worm with a wasted small bearing, changed them this way pretty easy. Now with the sweep or table you'd want to get the table down if it isn't already and sit it on something, maybe sit it on a bucket so there is lots of room, remove the tension from the table shaft by removing the springs for the shuttle and spot/respot levers, then with the motor plate off the gearbox grab the table shaft at the table drive and turn it in the normal direction. For the sweep just make sure its down somewhere and do the same. Actually you can just push the sweep bar with your foot and it should pop right out.


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