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  • Pawl Spring

    I received a call Saturday that 16 was not picking up pins about 5pm

    So I went in to investigate

    It runs 3 cycles and then the cells never close and it sweeps the pins

    I look in past the catwalk and the pawl was sticking straight up

    I crawl in....and the spring had worked its way off the post a small amount

    I screwed the spring back on and it has not missed a beat since

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    I had that very same thing happen here recently, how is it that things can work themselves off but NEVER seem to want to come off when you try take them off???
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      Yeah they always just fall off in perfect condition but when you try to take it off it ends up in many pieces.


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        Had 1 today , a mechanic had replaced on Saturday but some how he cross-threaded the spring, so the pawl was facing down so it would not operate, machine down for 3 days as no one called me about the problem, took longer to get the spanners than to do the fix up.
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