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Chassis for Dummies: punish the good bowlers


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  • Chassis for Dummies: punish the good bowlers

    Problem chassis...problems:

    1. delay in strike cycle:
    sweep runs to 2nd guard as if its doing a short strike cycle, table thinks about running decides it doesn't feel like it. What I mean is the solenoid engages, table relay engages everything jumps to life for ~1 second then stops. it then hesitates for about 2-3 seconds and decides to commit to a full rack. Bowlers probably couldn't detect the delay from the front.

    2.spare conversions:
    1st ball is thrown any pincount at all is left proper respot cycle is performed. 2nd ball thrown and if spare is not converted, proper spot cycle is performed. 2nd ball thrown and spare is converted, sweep runs to 2nd guard appears to be waiting for a 9 pin except it isn't.
    A.If rack is set by overriding the program (hold down spot latch and run relay) the sweep runs up with the table. machine DOES NOT go back to 1st ball.
    B.If stepper is pressed on mechanic's box sweep returns to 0 position. pressing the cycle button, spot cycle is performed.
    When you know what to do, everything is easy.

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    For both im thinking its the SB switch, wiring, or circuit. For spotting to happen and be completed, at approx. 186 degrees the SB switch must be pressed and held in, if at any time during this the switch is not held in the table will stop and the spot solenoid will de energize. Could be a sticky or bad switch or the wiring might be loose or the lever spring is stretched. I think both problems are related to this and vibration is making it work. It would seem that it doesn't work on a spare short cycle but does on a long cycle because there is more time for the switch to be pressed in or the circuit to make. TA2/SA control the ball switching but this could be screwing with that.

    Besides the usual stuff I think I would start with the cam switches.


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      Can this also be that small silver capacitor in the wireway that is across the 9 pin switch?
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        I've never had an issue with those and in fact I don't think my machines have them but I suppose as that is part of the start of the spotting sequence, but im not sure that would be it as the BS circuit does not need to stay closed for the table to continue spotting, it just needs to close for a second and since the table starts, stops, starts I don't think it would be it but like I said, I have never had an issue with those so I can't be sure.


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          Ahh but it only starts, stops, and starts on a strike cycle; if they do not convert the spare the cycle is normal and smooth - no problem.

          never had anything like this happen before so I wasn't really sure about what to look at first. gonna do the usual board/fuse/chassis swapping and post later what I find.
          When you know what to do, everything is easy.


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            Unless Q scoring sends spare info,and I wouldn't know why it would anyway,a second shot spare or miss is the same cycle. Maybe you could try the machine with the scoring disconnected and see how it does.
            70's MP/PBL/LBS,Q-Score
            Prolane Walker sport


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              Yeah Grit, I know SFA about your scoring BUT I'd look into the scoring more that the pinspotter or maybe a combination of both, as lets face it overall the pinspotter has no idea of what you leave so it's strange this only happens on a X or when they get a spare....
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                ok I figured it out. the cable running from the expander to the MK-70 board was somehow hooked up to the wrong line of pins(bless the part-timers souls). Had nothing to do with the expander or the offspot switch or SB microswitch as once I replaced the chassis with a working one off another lane everything was hunky doory. moved the expander cable onto correct set of MK-70 pins and it functioned on the next lane up. swapped around M and M2 relays to find out it was none of those even though one was slightly rainbowed on the center contactor.

                long story short I was over complicating it. and was metering bin switch and checking spot relays etc when it was a simple cable move.
                When you know what to do, everything is easy.


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                  Not having experience with expanders I totally missed that one.


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                    As mechanics we all tend to overthink things or look for worst-case scenarios from time to time instead of what we should be doing which is using the KISS rule.


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                      Originally posted by cdsand5 View Post
                      As mechanics we all tend to overthink things or look for worst-case scenarios from time to time instead of what we should be doing which is using the KISS rule.
                      KISS principle...Keep It Simple Stupid
                      If it cant be fixed with a hammer, use a bowling pin.


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                        Well that and this:
                        When you know what to do, everything is easy.


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