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Sweep occasionally running in reverse


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  • Sweep occasionally running in reverse

    One of my machines is doing a funky interlock. I recieved a report from last night that it was interlockinga bunch, so I do my usual test, I put the jumpers on the cycle switch so it will continually cycle so I can see when its interlocking. When it does and I crank it out of the interlock and run a cycle the sweep is running backwards. If I unplug the motor and plug it back in it will run in the proper direction. Could this maybe be a short in the sweep reverse switch on the backend control box?
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    If it changes when you unplug the motor then plug it back in I would suspect something in that area.

    I had this happen to me totally randomly a while back. I changed everything that I could think of in the sweep circuit, but it would still do it. Then, for some reason, it just quit. It's been about a year now i think. (knock-on-wood)
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      First thing to do is change your sweep reverse switch, but when I change mine I will take it from the lane next to it because I KNOW it works, ya just never know "what if" the new one on the shelf was faulty?? then once you do that put the new one on the previously known good lane... then go from there...
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        I had a similar problem a couple weeks ago and did all the usual including changing sweep reverse switch but it turned out to be a sticking leg in the ice cube relay. Might be worth a look.


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          If this is an MP chassis, I would suspect the M2 (sweep reverse) relay. As the M, M2, and Spot relays are all the same you can swap them around to narrow down if the relay is bad or not.


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            Thats how I found mine TJ. Swapped them round and then had the machine stay on even tho it was off as the relay had fused itself in the on position and was put in the M slot.

            A good troubleshooting tip for any funny sweep problems imo.


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              Thanks everyone for the tips, I will let my weekend guys know what to look at. But most likely it will be left for me to do bright and early Monday morning.
              Ouch...., thats gonna need stitches


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                Are you sure the motor really is running in reverse or, have you wound the motor in the wrong direction of rotation and not zeroed the chassis afterwards and it is simply returning to zero.
                only a thought.
                Interlocks are caused by a motor overrunning (normally sweep) and TB and SC cutting the power.


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