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  • Not sure where to look

    I have a lane that is driving me crazy. It will randomly cycle, have a continuous sweep or table, completely stop but with the deck light on, try to set pins when it should be picking up pins. Ive looked at the C1 and replaced a few sockets that were bad, everything else seems to be in good working order I just dont know where else to look. Plus its always fun to babysit a lane during league, especially a league that takes up all 40 lanes, so much for a breakdown pair.

    I have 82/70's with MP chassis, westinghouse 60hz motors
    Ouch...., thats gonna need stitches

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    Have you tried a different chassis? Swapped boards?
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      I'd definately be swapping out the chassis first as that will eliminate a few possibilities like a bad board, relays, contactors and c1 pins in that chassis.

      It definately sounds electrical related.


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        Had that happen before, totally random, MP board was bad. I would swap the boards first and see if the goofiness follows it.


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          I would swap MP board with another lane, then swap chassis with another lane. Keep notes where everything went, then you will know if its chassis, board or machine.
          If it cant be fixed with a hammer, use a bowling pin.


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            definitely leading towards the P.C.board.
            Please try changing the complete chassis with a known good one, do not try switching boards until you try this.
            good luck.


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              I found the problem. These are the things I did. First we put a good chassis on said lane and it worked fine, put the strangely acting one on another lane and the problem followed, swapped boards with the lane next to it but before I put them in the chassis, I cleaned the contacts at the bottom of the board. The problem went away. I think thats going to be my Friday morning project this week, cleaning all the mp boards. Thanks for all the suggestions.
              Ouch...., thats gonna need stitches


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