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  • chassis problem

    82-70 solid state chassis problem iv'e ran into yesterday that I never seen before. yesterday i had a bowltronics sweep contactor board that shorted out and burnt up. I replaced it with 2 other known good bowltronics boards and i keep getting the same result. Without even turning the machine to on position, just plugging main power cord in sweep goes into continues run. I have tried this chassis on multiple lanes and the problem is moving with it. Any thoughts and help is greatly appreciated as always., thx!!!
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    I too run the bowltronic's contactors and that is a sure sign of a bad contactor, are these ones that you put in brand new? To test these take the wire off the terminals on the board and use a ohm meter to test the terminals in the middle of the board. Place your ohm meter on any resistance test and place one lead on one side of the terminals where the wires come into the board place the other lead on the other side. I don't remember the numbers just that they are but they are near by the big heat sink. If you get a zero on your ohm meter then you have a bad contactor. If not we will have to figure something else. Also unplug the main power before performing any of these tests!!!


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      SS chassis problem with bowl-tronics SSR-AMFx70

      I too am having the same issues but on the table side. Even put in a brand new contact board in and still the motor runs while all switches in control box is off. replaced pins in both male and female plugs.


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        Ok, never mind on this issue. Ended up putting a good known ssr board in from a good chassis. now working good.


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