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  • Spotting Problems

    First of all, we are running AMF 82-70

    The problem:
    When the table lowers to give a full set, approximately 1/2 way down, the cups jerk forward. (Note, this does not happen every single time, although it is becoming more frequent). When the cups come down normally, the rack sets just fine, no wobbling pins and they are all on spot.

    I started by checking the table drive and table shaft, both appear to be fine.
    I have checked the spotting rod and all of the cam followers.
    I have adjusted and readjusted the tension of the springs on the yoke.

    I've been fiddling with the table for most of the day, any suggestions on where to look for potential problem makers is greatly appreciated.

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    The x yoke is'nt cracked, bearing bind. Like I suggested to Toby on the jerking table, without pins, 2nd ball cycle and when the table goes down about half way stop the table. Gently rock the cups and whatch the spot/respot cluster and see if there is alot of slop. I've changed alot of spot bushings not respot. Stopping it hear could take a couple tries if the hook releases, and don't shove the cups too far forward or the hook will release. One other, bent cup rubbing on the yoke.


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      Cup or cups rubbing on the lightning rod?
      Sometimes we have to do stuff to get by....Just go back and do it right when the "by" has passed!!


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        Does the table itself seem to slip/fall or bounce as it is going down?

        Are the clevis, table drive, and table shaft bearings ok?

        Do the leveling rod ends or table support bearings have any slop or loose bolts?

        Are the cups binding on anything as they the respot cell fingers open all the way and stay there?

        Are the spot/respot cams, followers, and springs good?

        When the cups jerk is it more of a hesitation or just a violent jerk forward?


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          I would still be looking at the yoke springs and taking the tension off the back ones to see how the front one pulls and then increasing the tension on the back ones evenly.
          It appears a cup could also be fouling against the yoke.
          As Tablejam asks, is it a jerk or a hesitation. If it is at the top, this would indicate the eccentric drive slipping on the keyway.
          If it snatches I would be looking at springs or the cam follower behind the spotting arm is running out of line. (Table shaft has moved to the right as you look at the front of the machine.) It may be running on the edge of the respot cam.
          Only suggestions, but hope they may assist.
          best wishes.


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            Did you check the splines on the gear box? this would cause the table to jerk.
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