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distributer wont stay fully foward


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  • distributer wont stay fully foward

    distributer runs great but will not stay solid "all the way foward" at number one. it acts like the long sping is worn but replaced and then put zip tie to make it tigher. that did not help at all. stays solid in every other position. but it is causing pile ups by droping the pin to soon. distibuter is level and over then that runs great.

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    Distributor timing is off. while at head pin position, look at pinion andwhite Cam/Wheel. Little Nub on White Cam/Wheel should be at Pinion. In this instance it is a Tooth or 2 above the Pinion. White Cam will Flex, just flex the cam in, and move white cam down a tooth or two.


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      timing is good, been through hole distributor twice. hm replaced clutch with a working one. all tubes are new.


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        Possibly belt to short.


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          we tried a different belt. no effect. do you think it could be one of the castings arms alittle bent.


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            this machine didnt start doing this over night. we have been having trouble for a while but have been able to tighten spring to keep it tight before.


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              I would say hat the belt is too short. is it a rough top or smooth belt? how long is the belt? Does the bel you put on run ok on another machine?


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                belt too short
                If it cant be fixed with a hammer, use a bowling pin.


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                  The belt should be no more than 3/4 inch from the roller to the casting that the tention spring hooks to.


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                    Don't over tighten the lower roller with the spring attached.
                    If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again. Then quit. There's no use being a damn fool about it." -W.C.Fields


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                      Sure sounds like the belt is too short or the belt is wrapped around the belt guard (but if it was I think the belt would have trouble running and it would be totally obvious).

                      Belt lengths....

                      Standard belt - 116-1/4" +/- 1/4"
                      Rough top - same as above but add 1"

                      If the timing is good, the belt is the proper length, then there must be a mechanical bind somewhere. Something easy to try, does it fully extend without the belt laced? That should at least tell you if it's the belt or not. Is there a bin bumper or cushion rivet wedged in the distributor somewhere causing this?

                      The wire ties on the tensioner spring make me wonder, I think if you force too much tension on that spring it will cause the belt to want to be shorter. I guess you could always swap springs with the next one to see what happens. Is the tracking bracket on the correct way?


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                        I think Tablejam is onto something there with the tracking bracket. You said you have already changed the belt and it does the same thing so it has to be in the distributor itself. Please let us know what you find.


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                          it was short belt. we are all supposed to write all problems down. but the other b mech. found a broken splice "atleast thats what he said" and cut about 2 inches of the belt, and didnt write it down.


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                            the belt we swapped with was just a used spare. but i have used it when belts have unspliced during league


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                              Originally posted by tony.h21 View Post
                              it was short belt. we are all supposed to write all problems down. but the other b mech. found a broken splice "atleast thats what he said" and cut about 2 inches of the belt, and didnt write it down.
                              How did they get the tention spring back on with it that short?


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