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82-90xl Table/Spotting Cups Effin Around !


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  • 82-90xl Table/Spotting Cups Effin Around !

    my biggest pet peeve is being told of problems i already know about when i walk in the door !
    today i walk in and get told "ay Chris, #15 is still on maintenance from saturday" yes i know STFU !!!
    so heres the problem,
    about 1 in 10 times the table goes down to spot the pins but makes a half arsed effort at doing it and the cups only seem to go about half way straight and go back to their resting position, when it does work, im pretty sure the front right (where the tie rod bracket assy is) is hitting the deck not sure whats out of line here !?!?
    usually im ok at finding faults on these damn machines but this one has lost me
    any help would be appriciated wristys !!

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    Ok so what exactly is happening here?

    Is it....

    1. Table goes all the way down, cups do not tilt until table gets all the way down, they then tilt only a little

    2. Table does not go all the way down, cups tilt fully


    • #3 but more times its the table all the way down and the cups half way, but then on the return trip the cups dont return to the original resting position and cause pile ups by pushing up against the bins, in turn pushing them into the dizzy.assy.


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        As for the cups not returning to the horizontal position. I would say you have a cup rubbing on the yoke, but that should effect spotting also. As for the table spotting pins but only tilting just a bit, well that's a problem with your spot latch, not latching.
        If it cant be fixed with a hammer, use a bowling pin.


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          Check to see if the table is stopping late or coasting, look at the table drive and make sure the latch is stopping 1/8 in. before the slot. If the solinoid in pulling in when the tabledrive has rotated too far this could give you the intermit. 1/2 way down and weird cup tipping. Cups not tipping back, broken or out of adj. yoke spring.


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            If cups go to pindeck but do not end up perpendicular to pindeck, the Spotting latch is not engaging to pull cups into full spotting position.
            If the cups only go half way, but rotate, then the eccentric table drive is not releasing to allow the table to fully travel to the pindeck, but the spotting latch is engaging.


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