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  • Tie Rod Brackets

    First off, a huge thanks to BILLY from AMF for taking the time to help me figure this out, and also for his patience of my novice ability and stupidity as I am still new to the 90 XL. That said....

    I have steel tables, so the table adjustments are obviously different. However, I have been (as you have seen in previous post) pulling my hair out trying to get toe, pins on spot, and keep pins from wobbling and falling over. Turns out my tie rod brackets or the wrong ones. Or for a better term, the older ones that didnt work to well. Mine are silver, which sit too far back and I also have longer spot and respot rods. Making these adjusments are a BEAR to get right!

    The better ones are black and the rods are shorter, which also give you the 1/8 in gap in between the spot latch and the spot link! Wow that makes sense the cups take off to spot a lot sooner if it catches the latch quicker!!!!!!! My gap is about 5/8 or even more ..

    My question to the forum is this.... How many other 90 xl guys with steel tables have (silver) the same brackets, and what did you do? Billy is getting me some part numbers and prices to change them, but that may be too expensive to do at this time, and it may be something I have to live with. Any advice or other cures for this problem would be appreciated! I think AMF should give them to me! But we all know that it is not going to happen... LOL


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    The minimum parts necessary to change over the tie rod plate are-

    088 005 500 respot rod
    088 005 501 spot rod
    088 005 503 tie rod bracket
    070 001 910 spot respot cams

    This will run you less than $200 retail, however you must re-locate the new tie rod plate and drill new holes in the table to accommodate it. Replacement of the table itself (might be a good idea for the first one anyway, will cost an additional $270 (give or take) PN-088 005 502.

    When you understand what the change in the tie rod plate does, that gives you a better understanding of what is necessary to make the original design function acceptably, and why it can be so difficult to get it to work like the original design with the aluminum table. It can be done (I'm taking it you were able to make progress after we last spoke), it's just not as cut and dry as it is with the current setup.

    If you have any further questions, you know how to reach me!

    Billy T
    [email protected]


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