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82-70's with the sign on the front of the table...


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  • 82-70's with the sign on the front of the table...

    Hey gang,
    I just stumbled across this video on YouTube called celebrity bowling, where the Brady Bunch kids are bowling against the Waltons....and the machines are the 82-70's with the sign on the front like when I was a kid. Here is the link...pretty neat video..!! I haven't seen that 82/70 sign on a machine in decades!
    --- SteveJT66

    82/70's,kickers,Kegel Kustodian

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    And the machines in that video are B machines with the stepper chassis.


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      Brunswick capping and foul lights


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        Sparemaker too ! Strange that the pinspotters are not equipped with a SS chassis. The newer sweep logo and table identification were usually found on the SS machine. 70 b machines usually had a gold table sign with black lettering, and the sweep logos were usually the round circles with amf contained inside the circle.
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          Here's a picture of Ewen's table sign:

          Personally, I much prefer the old meatball to AMF's block logo.

          82-70B, Stepper chassis


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            Rare sign!


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              I do have another ( numeral assembly ) as listed in the AMF SS parts manual. It is the same style as above picture except the red triangle has been replaced with black 82/70 block lettering ( like the white flat numeral assembly found on the ss ( or "c" ) pinspotter). I could not find a parts listing for the numeral assy. in either the 70 a or 70 b manual.
              As for the equipment in the video, looks like AMF supplied the pinspotters and power lift, while it appears Brunswick supplied the lanes , gutters and capping. At the end of the video it states bowling equipment supplied by AMF and Brunswick. I though that was odd in that time period as AMF and Brunswick were fierce competitors.
              There is light at the end of the tunnel - just be sure it is not a train.


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                There are also episodes with Brunswick A2 machines, Astroline powerlifts, and Starshields on the same lanes as well as the same AMF machines except ModIV I think masks that were red and white and red sweep bars.


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                  How about the carpet on the approach??? That is different!!!
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                    I never heard of the Celebrity Bowling show myself, but curious to know how do you know they are the B series AMF machines, and what type chassis they have? they never show the distributor in the back. I must be missing something...LOL.
                    --- SteveJT66

                    82/70's,kickers,Kegel Kustodian


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                      They are Bs because....

                      1. You can hear the BS lever
                      2. Indication erases when the cycle starts
                      3. The ball lights switch when the sweep starts up
                      4. The sweep does not go up early

                      2, 3, and 4 are indications the stepper chassis is being used.

                      1 indicates its the current "Z" distributor and metal bin.

                      There are some episodes where it is easier to hear the "clank" of the BS lever.

                      And on the Brunswick A2 episodes you clearly notice they have Scotch Yokes.


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                        Steve, a couple months ago we had an epic geek session about the stepper chassis that's definitely worth reading. I think it was called "Stepper chassis, how can you tell?" or something like that. We posted some pictures and videos, and dissected all the differences in sound and appearance. The Pindication gives it away!

                        82-70B, Stepper chassis


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                          I remember that and Toby was the one that showed us what the stepper chassis does on the magic triangle.


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                            Yup, in the video you can see how the cam switches on the B interact with the Magic Triangle. Personally, I still haven't seen a 70C, so I'm not too clear on what the differences are. That'll be another night on YouTube, I guess!

                            82-70B, Stepper chassis


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                              A 70C (5 board Solid State) acts this way....

                              1. Ball lights change when sweep gets to zero
                              2. Pindication erases when sweep gets to first guard
                              3. Sweep goes up early, when TA1 is lifted to run table home

                              The most obvious giveaway is when the sweep goes up.


                              MPs act this way...

                              1. Ball lights change when sweep starts run through or when sweep gets to zero
                              2. Pindication erases when sweep starts run through

                              #1 depends on the version of the board...I seem to have both

                              I don't know how anything newer than that acts.
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