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got a countinous cycling lane out of places to look any ideas


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  • got a countinous cycling lane out of places to look any ideas

    hey all appreciate the help. I have 70's with mp chassis along with steltronic scoring. I have amf foul lites and ball returns.
    I have a lane that is cycling constantly. I have swapped chassis, problem stays, unpluged bowler cycle button on ball return, prob stays, unpluged the cycle button on back of the machine, no luck there, opened all wire ways to check for a short or if the wire that used to cycle machine from micro switch on cushion which we dont use was shorting. Unplugged scoring still got the issue. triple checked amc box for any loose wires touching anything and shorting. No luck
    I'm about out of ideas ok I am out of ideas. What am i missing, thx for the help

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    Do you guys have infra red ball detectors? if so could that be out of adjustment cycling the machine??
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      Do you have short cycles/is the scoring interfaced with the pinspotter?

      When it is continuously cycling, how is it cycling? In other words, with a full set of pins, does it do short cycles or does it do a full respot cycle on first ball? And, does it score when it is cycling (not sure about that one as I do not know about your scoring).

      The reason I ask is depending on how it's cycling that might narrow down what it could be.

      Does your scoring use a 'sweep zero' switch to tell the scoring when the sweep is up? If it does and it's anything like AMF scoring, if this switch isn't made when the sweep is up it can keep cycling.


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        You mentioned that you unpluggde bowler cycle button, but did you pull it off of 1 & 2 in the A&MC box? Call us at Stahls.


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          the cycle is not your average normal cycle, the sweep runs to clear the deck, goes up, then comes back down to guard the table feels for pins which of coarse there are none and then table goes up sweep runs back and returns to guard and both go up together. then the sweep comes back down sweep the lane and returns to guard and the table sets a rack of pins and the both go up together. and repeat lol


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            If i disconnect a wire on bowler cycle button or 1&2 in amc box or off the cycle button in rear of machine the machine just has a constant sweep run and doesnt set pins. Am running the machine with scoring off, and unplugged. so dont think its the inferred trigger and it doesnt score anything onthe screens when its all turned on. The first ball and 2nd ball lites are swapping during the cycleing. If im leaving out any other information which could help narrow it down let me know. Thanks for the call Stahl's will recheck all wire ways for anything loose or dropped in that could be shorting accross.


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              We do run the modified cycle for gutters and single pin counts. along with the tenth frame and no tap games.


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                I would also check in the A&MC box, I had a problem like this once were some wires got crushed in the subway shorting out the reset button, thus causing a continuous cycle.


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                  Did you remove the switch wires at the cushion? We taped ours off and some got put up in the wireway, maybe one of em is grounding out there?
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                    As Stahl's (Jamie?) said, and as Brady said he will check, I'm betting on the underlane wires shorted. Unplugged the bowlers reset at the AM&C box.
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                      There must be a shortcut somewhere. from chassis to ball return or, from chassis to keyboard in the back end. there must be a cable that is pressed or cut. check with a tester continuity. from cycle butoms to the chassis carefully. not sure but i think inputs in mp chassis are in C2 conector. Take a Look.


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                        You said you swapped the chassis but did you swap the MP board too? I think if you unplug the AMC plug from the machine and put a jumper across the two pins in the middle row and just let the machine run you will find out whether or not your problem is machine related or not. Like you said it is not the usual cycle so I would like to eliminate as much as possible if it were me.


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