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yoke actuator arm


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  • yoke actuator arm

    I just replaced a complete yoke with a (used) new assy.. All seemed good Now I just barely get pins on spot. Cup bolts are all bottomed out. I am thinking that maybe I put the yoke actuator arm (PN 070 002 624) on backwards or....HELP I had to remove keys from cups on the back row to get anywhere near spot. spot rod as short as it will get and still function
    Can someone confirm that I'm not the FIRST idiot?

    Go Pirates

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    Yes this is directional. Use the machine next door as your guide. If this has the part# in the casting, it's that side out.
    I can't even spell Brunsw-ick anymore!!!


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      OK so not exactly an idiot. I put PN side outside. Like #2
      was QC loafing at AMF that day and mfg 'ed one backward?
      Yes....I am grassping at straws
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        I would not use the lettering as a guide to the positioning of the arm as it is not specified in the print. The only way to ensure proper positioning is to observe the offset of the keyway cut.

        Billy T


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          Amen Billy. After 40 years I still look at the lane next to me.


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            TY billyt
            So...what happens if installed wrong? My problem?
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              The arm can be reversed with the yoke installed.


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                OK Sean ...tell me how. shift the shaft ? sounds funny enuf. loosen all parts and slide shaft to rt side? Left side for you OZ guys
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                  Haha... yes well being in the southern hemisphere everything must be the opposite???
                  Anyway by removing the cam follower inside the arm, you should be able to manually rotate the shafts to permit removal of it.


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                    up north of the "border" lefty =loosy righty=tiighty
                    Sorry... just need some fun..your poop is no better or worse....just goes down different
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                      We must also have taps that turn in the opposite direction.... lol


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                        I never moved or touched the shaft just undid a bunch of bolts and took apart the stuff on the table slid the actuator off, took a moment to curse myself for putting it on backwards. Flipped it and put everything right back on. I then took a moment to thank the people who helped me figure out what I'd done.

                        I removed:
                        spot respot rod bolts
                        cam follower inside the actuator
                        unbolted the shifter link and removed both pieces
                        When you know what to do, everything is easy.


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                          I've actually done it this way, maybe it's the lazy way but it worked and I wasn't in the mood to take a hundred things apart to change out the bad spot link...

                          -put table at respot height, raise sweep to zero, LOTO
                          -remove large yoke spring at front of table
                          -remove both front table yoke leg bolts
                          -then just lift and work the yoke up and away from the cam follower and gently rest it on the table so you can easily remove the link from the shaft.


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                            - Spot table to spot height
                            - Remove pins from cups
                            - Remove cam follower
                            - Rotate cups/shafts to permit removal of arm/crank
                            - Reverse crank and refit
                            - Refit cam follower

                            (this assumes the front shaft on the yoke has been centered properly.)


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                              If the actuator is on backwards, can that also result in stepping cups during spotting? When comparing the actuator with the lane next door, what differences in appearance should I look for?

                              82-70B, Stepper chassis


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