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  • Foul problem

    I had this under brunswick section but come to find out its not the scoring system. Here is my problem I have 82/70 machines and a lane that fouls on every ball but does not set full rack after. I thought at first it was the scoring system but I was talking to a mechanic I know and he told me it was in my masking unit. He forgot what pins it was to by pass the masking unit so can anyone help with that? Also any other feedback would be much appreciated.

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    You need to look at your wires in the AMC box, sometimes it can be as straight forward as swapping the wires over so the chassis recieves the signal properly, or maybe you have a break in your cable from the foul lights to AMC box, have you stuck a voltmeter over it when you make a foul you should get 12DC, this intern needs to go to the correct wires (green and orange from memory) and i think they have to be the correct way around to turn the signal into a foul for the chassis (i could be wrong as it might just be my qubica that needs them to be a certain way around!)


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      maybe I should have included that the foul lights are not hooked up in the mc box or at the foul lights this is why I dont understand really why it is fouling


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        Have you swapped out the CWC?
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          Originally posted by PutnamLanes View Post
          I had this under brunswick section but come to find out its not the scoring system. Here is my problem I have 82/70 machines and a lane that fouls on every ball but does not set full rack after.
          This makes me wonder if something else is going on.

          Is it the machine not running a proper foul cycle or is it the scoring is always getting a foul signal?


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            I had this one once and it was the harness was half loose going into the mask board, it always scored a foul but the machine did not do anything with it.
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              scoring is always getting a foul signal also the machine goes through a normal 1st ball 2nd ball not like a foul cycle where it sweeps pins and sets a full rack.


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                MP chassis - add a 1K (1000 ohm) resistor in series with pin #1 of the APS connector on the chassis - see if that clears it up.
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                  MP Mask Plug:

                  looking at chassis left to right ROW1 - #1 +16vdc pin lights #2 mask sw #3blank #4blank ROW2 #1-#5blank ROW3 #1blank #2blank #3blank #4blank #5=(9) #6=(7) ROW4 #1=(5) #2=(3) #3=(1) #4=(2) #5=(4) #6=(6) #7=(8) ROW5 #1=(10) #2 1st ball #3 2nd ball #4 srike #5 foul #6 mask sw ROW6 #1 +16vdc #2blank #3blank #4blank #5ground ROW7 #1blank #2keying pin #3blank #4keying pin
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                    had the same issue with quibica and come to find out our chassis were causing the problem. bypassed the wires going from the chassis to the scoring and problem was solved. what would happen was the chassis would dicharge causing a false foul cycle to the scoring so we just ran the foul wires from the scoring to the a&mc box and problem solved just basicaly ran them in series. ive only seen this happen with the mp chassis. You end up getting a foul on the score but no foul cycle on the machine.


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