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What does this sound like?


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  • What does this sound like?

    So a friend at a center out of state just converted from kickers over to pbl and lbs with the gripper kit. He tells me the problem is
    that on three different pairs every once in a while he will get a ball call. When he takes a look the ball lift is up and not running with the
    ball right above the orange thimbles. The first thing I asked was the lower clutches and shafts rebuilt/replaced. Also did he shim out the lift hand
    from the mounting bracket. He said some were shimmed and all were new parts. He also told me that this has happened with house balls and
    custom balls. The gap between the top of the ball and the lower pulley is at a hair above a 14". He said this only happens when one lane out of a pair is going and if gone unchecked it burns up a pit drive belt. I think something was assembled wrong. He used all D shafts. Any thoughts?
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    It seems like something is preventing the free up and down movement of the lift assembly.
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      If only one lane funky, could one of the one way cluthes be backwards. Just a guess.


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        Remember it stops the pit drive belt and the back end motor pulley turns until it burns up the belt. He said if you turn on the other back end motor the ball
        goes up and the ball lift returns to the bottom.
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          Does he have a spare he can swap it out with? One that he knows is good. Sounds to me like some kind of wierd clutch problem to.


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            Add another spring on the drive belt tensioner or find a stronger one.
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              Were 4 all new spacers on the lower yoke? If no spacers were used between the clutches and the lower yoke the clutches will chew the aluminum up and can bind so badly the lift can not operate.

              Also like mike said if the clutch gets on there backwards as soon as the belt drives it will jack the lift all the way up and the belt wont spin. killing the pit motor should allow the lift to be brought down if its a backwards clutch.
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                Does the ball lift belt touch or is it really close to the balldoors? That would stop the lift if it didn't jump around violently.

                If the ball lift is too low or some other funky reason the belt will contact the balldoors where they cross each other in the center. This is not a problem with kicker lifts as there really is nothing there for the belt to touch but sometimes when converting to pbls this can get overlooked.
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                  Didn't put one of the clutch bearings on wrong way around did he??
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                    If one of the clutches was on backwards wouldn't that pit just get driven by the other machine? - Similar to what happens when one of the clutches seizes.


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                      Sounds to me like something wass missed while rebuilding the ball lift
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                        Does he have the lift shock in the correct position? Because it's arranged differently from the kicker lift. If its maxed out it may bind up the lift when one motor is running, but can overcome that when torque from the second motor is added (?). Just a thought.
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                          Aren't there some crappy pulleys (vantage greys??) out there that let drive belts slip? It would also make sense that it only happens when one of the two machines are running.


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                            Originally posted by BWC View Post
                            Aren't there some crappy pulleys (vantage greys??) out there that let drive belts slip? It would also make sense that it only happens when one of the two machines are running.
                            Vantage Pbl's came with the small ones, I never used them. Not sure on the issues they could cause.


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                              Is one of the belts not riding in the clutch pulley?


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