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  • How hard and how would I go about.......

    In my center, the Sur-picks have to be turned on manually. I don't have a problem with that, BUT I do have a problem with spending a half hour getting balls out of the subway when the front desk associate forgets to turn them on. To make matters worse, there's no trap door in front of the lift, the closest access point is 10 feet away at the foul line. So..... When one does get stuck the only way to get them out is to take a 6 lb ball and keep slamming it into the balls that are stuck, the 6 lb reflects back, slam it again, reflects back, slam it again..........and this goes on until the 6 lb goes through the lift.

    I normally don't really care. This is the way it has been done long before I got there, but that once a month while I'm laying on the floor with my head stuck in a hole, all I can think about is wiring them correctly so the pinsetter turns them on.

    It's a double edge sword, do I deal with it, waste electricity and just turn the damn things on for no reason and cause extra wear and tear on the lifts, or spend the time and effort and be a hero.

    Everyone prior to me has just dealt with it.
    Change the chassis, is not the answer.

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    1. Are there wires present from the Sure Pik control box to the AMC box?
    2. How many relays are in your box - 1 or 3? 1 relay box is for 70's - 3 relay box is for 30's
    3. If 3 you can steal 24vdc from the C2 plug - this would be if your 70's were installed after the Sure Piks

    You could have the switch on in the control box and turn them on daily from the circuit breakers in a panel - but I would try to get them to run correctly


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      Thanks King. That's what I need, a starting point.

      I don't know the answers right now, I'm not at work for the next 2 days

      What I do know is, someone spent a lot of time to set them up they way they are now. There are the breaker panel switches, a 24vdc transfer, then a hand full of toggle switches at the front desk that control a block of the lifts. I.E. to have someone bowling on lane 1, the lifts on 1-6 all have to be on etc....etc....etc.....
      Change the chassis, is not the answer.


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        I did something like this once but it was back in 1984 - I had an odd lane that was just as you say - wouldn't turn on with the odd lane - I remember doing some tracing in the Approach & Managers Control box - A&MC and figuring out a way to tie a machine turning on C2A plug to the surepick - It has been so long ago now - I'd be throwing darts trying to explain it!! I am an old old old fart that needs to be taken out and shot!!


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          Nah!!! Once a horse can't work anymore, it'll make a fine companion. No need to shoot it, just rub behind it's ears and give it a carrot once in awhile!

          After some investigating, I found out at one point in time, they did work properly and in the one that checked, there are wire, red black and white if I remember right, that are cut and capped. I assume those are the signal wires. The other issue I'm going to run into that I didn't get into yet is, at one point 1-24 were 70s and 25-36 were 30s so going by what kind says, I should have 2 different relay boxes.
          Change the chassis, is not the answer.


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            bother if it wear me i would go out and by 8 strand ph weir [ good for low voltage ]
            And rewire from machines to lifts about 160 feet to a par doubled up
            That gives you 8 new wires for each machines [so if you have 1,2,or 3, relays [ + a par for 10 fram switch ]
            bother im only 50mi away if you need a hand


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              I would also cut a trap door. And would only use a heavy 16 lb ball to push them through. (usually by rolling it down the lane, so it has a full head of steam)
              If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again. Then quit. There's no use being a damn fool about it." -W.C.Fields


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                Well you should know the center pretty well Wepauls! You've been there a time or 2 :P

                As of recently Paul was transfered to Kingston and I was given Holiday.
                Change the chassis, is not the answer.


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                  Originally posted by exactlyvague View Post
                  Well you should know the center pretty well Wepauls! You've been there a time or 2 :P

                  As of recently Paul was transfered to Kingston and I was given Holiday.
                  thy wont let me in the house lol


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