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  • Distributor height

    So I have a couple of lanes that have me wondering what is correct for the distributor.
    They both have no spacer washer but do have a ton of spacers and shims to get it over the bin.
    I have been told this is ideal by some. Totally wrong by others. Also on these two lanes you can see
    on both catwalks where the pin buts have hit from time to time on the way into the bin.

    I have ordered some spacer washers for these lanes to experiment with. Jon Isbell told me that if there is a spacer washer to not
    add or subtract because someone else set it up long ago for that particular lane. However the guy I replaced did some strange
    things with the machines before he left.

    I noticed that the two lanes in question will not work without a pin wipe no matter how you adjust the o pan and or kidney.

    Any input on this would be great.
    I'll see you in the streets.

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    Your ideal distributor height is to make sure that the belt guard at the front of the distributor carriage clears the bin switch lever bolt by about an 1/8 inch or so. I usually use that as a starting point. I'll usually run the machine in continuous cycle for a while to make sure the distributor is high enough over the bin that the second 8 pin in the machine indexes the distributor without problem. Usually this is where i've noticed a distributor that's too low will tell you it needs a little raising.


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      If your machines are where they are supposed to be that's fine but if not then it comes down to setting it up so that it works, which could mean adding or removing washer from the distributor casting and/or the support, you just have to experiment. Bottom line is that it doesn't really matter if its "right" or not as long as it works without causing problems. Some of mine will not work unless they are raised and others only work if they are lower....... but they work and that's all that matters. O pan adjustment is another touchy thing. I find they work best set as close to the elevator as possible. If the pins still come out too fast and you cannot lower the kidney you can add a washer or two to the diistributor casting to raise it which is like lowering the kidney. A lot of this is trial and error and I have also found that it is more important to get the head first pins to turn properly than the butt first. If the head first pins turn well then so will the butt first. This is all based on my opinion and experience with my machines here so your results may vary.


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        I usually run one spacer on the post under the dizzy casting, and then use washers to get correct height above the bin, sometimes I have used 2 spacers under the casting. I don't think it's a good idea to have a ton of either really spacers or washers, a little of both would be ideal I believe. One thing that is really critical remove both rear springs and the drive shaft and see if the dizzy remains pointing at the head pin, it is of utmost importance that the support post be plumb.
        I have found that the dizzy too low causes a world of hurt and just as much if it is too high... If you have Durabin look for a height of around 1/8" or 1/4" if you have stringers...
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          Yes of course, not many spacers.


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            So who else has pin wipes on some but not all lanes like us? This is why I do not like this difference in the distributor setup.
            I'll see you in the streets.


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              I had pin wipes on all my lanes..... they ran so much better once I removed them....
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