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Crab Leg project complete!


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  • Crab Leg project complete!

    Took half the summer, but crablegs are changed. Silver (grey) ones are out, and black ones are in! What a pain in the tail! However, they all (16 lanes of tierod bracket and spot/respot cam) are done as of today. I can now have the 1/8 inch clearance on my spot lever and hook!!!!!

    Seems to set pins a bit better, lol..

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    Gosh, I hope I dont get into trouble with that post! LOL..


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      Don't they seem to run SO MUCH better with new spot/respot cams, I have done 6 lanes here so far and have 20 to go, as I have some lanes here where there is no lock nut on the respot rod just to get an adjustment. also been replacing the spot and respot link arms at the same time. AND always change the top pivot shaft (070-006-457) at the same time.....

      Dave, it sure sounds like you are really making a difference with your machines.... by the sound of it your babies will continue to only get better and better.....
      AS REQUESTED....The all new and VERY improved "super cool" Pin_Head with super hip shades.....


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        Good work!


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          Good job Dave those machines wont be niglected anymore once your finished with them like Pin_Head said they will keep getting better.


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            Thanks for all the votes of confidence, as I question it every day, but yes it nice to be able to make adjustments that make sense! I had a bit of problem with lane 11 and had to cheat the table legs a fuzz, but it all worked out!


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              This is an area that can get overlooked but its good you are on top of it, good parts here can make a big difference.


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                can you please expand a little? replaced old table legs for newer? also replaced spot/respot cams? not up with todays slang. Kudos on all the sweat rolling labor.


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                  Ill do my best.. After about two weeks into my being hired, boss man wants me to try to see what is causing pins to fall over (EVERYWHERE). I was on the phone with Billy and he asked me what color tie rod bracket I had. Mine at the time was silver. The tie rod bracket sits on the steel table and it is where the spot and respot rods connect. After discovering this Billy told me good luck, that it could be done, but was a pain in the butt. Apparently my edition of 90's still had the silver ones and the newer ones had been changed to black and moved up a 1/2 inch closer to the front of the table. So with some discussion and a list of parts to be changed (tie rod bracket, 1/2 inch shorter spot and respot rods and a 8270 spot/respot cam) I went to town. We modified out brackets and rods, so the only thing out of pocket were the cams! And alot of hours, lol..

                  If you look in the book it says to have about 1/8th clearance between the hook and the spot lever when you push down on it as if it were getting ready to spot pins... I had about a half inch and in some cases more. Total nightmare trying to get the table adjustments (toe, table leg gap, etc) anywhere close without pins at least and at best wobbling. Especially for a new guy! Dont want to step anyones toes that might be running 90's with the silver brackets, and if you are, my hats off to you!



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                    Awesome job Dave..... your boss man should be VERY pleased with you and be stoked he has a fine dedicated worker.....
                    AS REQUESTED....The all new and VERY improved "super cool" Pin_Head with super hip shades.....


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                      Check my last post to TJ on the respot cells Pin Head and see if it made sense?? LOL I am just not sure if I worded it correct. How long am I going to get away with being able to call myself a rookie? LOLOL I might have to change my name and come back after about a year so I can keep asking these dumb questions!! LOL


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                        The only dumb question is the one that is never asked.


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