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Lane will not cycle???


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  • Lane will not cycle???

    I have a pair of lanes (19 & 20) that started with 19 continuously cycling (the chassis was NOT stuck on continuous cycle) and 20 scoring but not cycling. Upon rebooting the lanes, 19 started working fine but 20 still would not cycle. I tried swapping the XLMP with another pair with no luck. I spoke with tech support at Qubica/AMF and after an hour or 2 on the phone going through their checklists, they told me that the six-box was bad. After replacing the Six-box, I get a Test TV Error #200 when I tried to reboot the lanes. After some troubleshooting of my own and checking wires, I swapped VDBs with 23 and 24 and find that the error follows the VDB. So now I have reassigned the VDB from 23&24 to 19&20, but 20 still will not cycle and scores fine. Just for kicks and giggles I also swapped the tvision board with another pair, but as before, it still will not cycle. I am at a complete loss at this point on why 20 refuses to cycle. I dont know if this is relevant but when the chassis on 20 is on 2nd ball, both 1st and 2nd ball lights on the masking unit light up. This has been like this since before I was a mechanic, they just took out the 1st ball light in the masking unit. Any advice on this is GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks in advance guys.

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    I forgot to add, it will cycle if pressing the cycle button on the chassis or the reset button on the front ball return, but it will not cycle from the control counter.


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      So it sounds like it is not getting the cycle signal from the scoring. I think first I would check that the ball detectors work and are aligned. Then trace the cycle cables from the 6 box, to the a&mc box, sounds like there could be a break there. We know the cycle wires are good from the a&mc to the machine because the reset button on the ball return works so it seems its an issue between the 6 box and the a&mc box.

      As far as the ball lights, in many centers the first ball light is intentionally grounded to always stay on and the second ball light is switched. This of course depends on the masking units you have. If it has 'dots' for ball lights keeping the first ball light on with the second ball light makes it show 2 dots for second ball, its just easier to tell that way. Originally these chassis are supposed to have the first or second ball light on as when used with the magic triangle. This was changed when masking units came out that simply had dots for ball lights.


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        Check all external wire harness for nicks or rub marks. Had this once in one of our centers that has the 90xl. Seems like there was a set of wires near the b/e motor that got too close to the belt.


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          Qubica? Camera. Ball detectors missaligned.

          When a camera goes bad i have found one of two things happen. It locks up the pair and will refuse to cycle both lanes, or it constantly scores strikes because the camera image is black. Anything else is usually the sensors or VDB not reading/sending information properly, and as you have moved that and the fault remains on one lane i'd say someones either knocked the refelctor out off line, or the sensor wasn't aligned properly in the first place, the red lights should be off until you break the beam, then they should light and immediatly go off when you re align the beam. Make sure you tighten them once there aligned


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            I checked and realigned the ball detect sensors when i swapped the tvision board, and all is good as far as that is concerned. It even shows the ball speed after throwing a ball down the lane. Every part of the lane works fine as far as scoring, the machine just wont cycle. I am going to recheck the camera from the front counter when i get back, but if i recall, the picture is coming back fine and the camera is reading all the pins correctly. I have a bad feeling that tablejam is right about it being in the a&mc box. I was looking in the box earlier and when i was pushing some of the wires aside, the pindeck light for 20 cut off and on. So I will most likely have to go through that box wire by wire. If someone could please get me link or picture of the wiring diagram for that box, i would appreciate it! I dont have one around and I dont see one posted on the box itself. If I need to post any info regarding my setup, just let me know what is needed and ill post it.


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              Typically this is what the A&MC wiring is...

              1-2 is the reset button on the ball return, or 10th frame switch, this is where the scoring would tie in to cycle the machine. You know the wiring from here to the machine is good because the reset button on the ball return works. So then trace the wires from here back to the 6 box. If the wiring is good, maybe try swapping 6 boxes with a good one

              #3 from each machine is the 'signal' wires to turn on the powerlift or upfront ball return or 'ball check'

              5-6 are manager's control circuit wires or with Qubica, these are the wires that come from the 6 box to turn on the machine

              7-8 are foul signal wires from the foul unit


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                Regarding the cycling of the machine, it has to be the wires at 1-2 from the a&mc box to the 6-box. I just put a new 6-box on that pair Saturday. But the 5-6 wires being loose or bad would cause the machine to cut off when moving the wires around right? Note that this is my first time really dealing with the 6-Box and a&mc box, so messing around in that a&mc box is a little intimidating at first sight lol


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                  Yeah it can be a real rats nest. Something to think about regarding 5 and 6, loose connections here can cause problems turning on the machine but also if this circuit shorts or grounds on something in there it will turn on the machine but will not allow it to cycle at all. I don't think that would be the case since you can cycle it from other locations but something to remember if you cannot cycle a machine at all.


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                    So it turns out that it was the 1 & 2 wires to the a&mc box from the 6-box. I got a volt meter and checked continuity of each wire between the 2 boxes and found the cycle wires from the 6-box to be dead. So I just had to replace a few female connectors in the a&mc box and it seems all good now Crazy how it was something so small, but caused that kinda head ache. Thanks for all the help!!!


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                      Yay I got one right!

                      I'm still new to Qubica scoring but this seemed like a basic problem you could have with just about any scoring system, just a simple wiring issue.

                      Glad to hear you got it fixed.


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