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Re spot cell or table problems? NEED HELP


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  • Re spot cell or table problems? NEED HELP

    Alright guys, I'm in major need of help. At my bowling alley on Lane 11 it has been messing up for over a month now. Let me explain what is going on and if anyone can help me please do. When people bowl on lane 11 and they through the ball and just leave the 3,6, and 10 pin up the table comes down and the fingers don't grab the pins so they get swept away and we usually just tell the customers to throw the ball and it will give them the the problem is why does the fingers pick up the 3,6, 10 pins when other pins are up still but not when its just the 3,6,10. Its weird. The other day I went back there and turned the lane on...then i went under the lane and pushed all the pins to the carpet except the 3,6, and 10. I wanted to do a little test. So i pressed cycle once and it still didn't pick them up!! Even when you turn the lane of and manually crank the table it still doesnt pick up the 3,6 and 10 pins. Our mechanic seems to think its just the camera, but I think its the table or the re spot cells or the re spot rods. can anyone help? anyone know what im talking about?
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    This is clearly a mechanical issue with the table/respot cells, NOT the camera. Either those three cells have problems or something is going on with the table level, or both. One of the 82/30 experts can give more info.


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      dont worry the machine was off haha sorry i didn't clarify. but ya i thought it was mechanical. he keeps blaming it on the camera. so ill let him know. do you know where to look? do you think the cells are too tight? too lose? the respot rods? something? where should i look
      The Fault Mechanic


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        Your profile says you work on 82-70's, do you work on 30's or 70's?


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          Did you check the condition of the cells pads and the upper pads ? Crank the table down on a full set of wood and check the distance between the tracks with your finger of all cells. Are the 3,6 and 10 the same or more open ? Table level ?

          Naturally, the machine will be in LOTO.
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            i work on 82-70s. thanks amf pin boy. ill keep that in mind.
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              There shouldn't be more than a 1/4 inch of clearance between the upper and lower track on the respot cell when it is completely lowered onto those pins. Set the pins one at a time when you are checking them, is it actuating the star latch mechanism, good upper pad, etc. It sounds like that side of the table is a little high to me. When did this problem start? Was there a call on that lane with a pin jam or something, is something bent, Did someone stand on the curtain rod and bend a connecting rod? Try each one individually, then add them one at a time and make sure to check the clearance between tracks and star latch


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                Disregard that, I just saw that you work on 70's


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                  Tivoli, if you are unaware, this was posted in the 82-30 forum. A mod should be able to move it over to the 70's forum.

                  As far as the problem goes, it seems to me like it is a problem with or near the #1 or #3 cells. I would try cycling it with the 1, 3, 6, and 10, to see if it picks them all up properly first. If it does, then try removing the carb link on the number 1 cell and then testing it as you did before with just the 3, 6, and 10 pins. If it works, change out or adjust the #1 cell. If it does not pick up the 3, 6, 10 after removing the carb link, I would start looking at the table link (not sure if thats what its called) that connects the 1, 3, 6, and 10 cells. See if there are any loose bolts or bad bushings around there, or maybe the entire link is even twisted or bent. I'm no expert, but that's where I'd start. Keep us posted.


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                    >>>Moved from 82/30 forum as this thread deals with 82/70s<<<
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                      Ok so this is a 70, this issue still has nothing to do with the scoring camera. If the 3-6-10 cells are closing on the pins but not locking (the pins slip through when the table goes up) then either one or more of those cells are too tight on the necks of the pins, one or more carb links are out of adjustment, or there is play or binding somewhere in the rsc linkage. When the cells close generally the studs in the fingers (in the slots) should be about 1/4 from the end. If they do not move far enough to this position the cells may not lock to pick up the pins. Your issue sounds isolated to that area of the table so I don't believe its the respot rod. With of course the machine LOTO, grab the #7 cell and move the cells to the fully closed position. Do all of the cells close far enough and do you notice any binding as you move the cells closed? Another thing I like to do is cycle the machine so the table picks up a full rack then shut it off when the table is up, I then look to see how all of the pins hang and if they all hang the same. With AMF pins, when they hang in the respot cell after being picked up on spot, the top of the top stripe should be at the cell finger. If you notice any pins that are not hanging as low as that then that very well could be your problem, a cell that is too tight. Likewise if you notice pins hanging lower than that it should also be corrected.

                      Besides things being in adjustment one of the biggest things to cause respot cell problems on the table is things causing binding due to parts being loose or broken. So before adjusting anything it would be wise to go through and make sure all of the pivot studs, respot cells, ball studs, all of that stuff is tight and not bent.


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                        I second Tablejam, gauge your Rcells and check your carb links.


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                          It sounds like a cell finger is getting in bind when empty and closed. Crank the table down with the 3,6,10 standing. when the cells clamp onto them then stop and check the cells for binding. Try to move each cell, odds are its a bent cell arm that is getting caught when there's no pin to stop it in the forward position. The most common is the 2,4,5 &7 cells due to pins dropping thru the table.


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                            I would certainly check the carb links as stated above. Also might want to check cells for a bent pivot stud.


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                              I'd like to add to TJ's list. Make sure that the screws for the pivot are 3/4 inch.
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