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  • Why wont you just go on SPOT!?

    So I replaced a table leg where the uniball joint seperated...yep and the table had been flagged/toe in around that fact. Replaced that and reflagged. the pictures are explained in the album. sorry I couldnt upload here my laptop doesnt like the bowltech uploader.

    My first thought is that somehow the table is high on the 7 side, it was really difficult to turn that rod and it didnt seem to move when i turned it with channel-locks but that doesnt jive with:
    A. the entire 4 5 6 line being forward
    B.the 1 2 being dead on plus the 3 is eh close enough.
    C. the 7 is sort of close to on spot

    yes i checked the cup cap, that is a new off the shelf cup. I can show that photo as well if you think it would help. lightning rod maybe? I wondered if the 4 5 6 yoke shaft could be bent forward, not even sure how that could happen. Open to suggestions and need help please.
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    Let's see if this helps...

    Well, from the pics, assuming the table is level both ways it looks like it's not in position as indicated by the flags as they should be pointing at the dead center of the spots, (the table was 5/16" from the deck when you flagged it, correct?), which would or could cause this. The table can be off by as much as 1/4" and you should still be able to get them to spot nicely. That closeup of the cup I'm guessing is from the 4-5-6 row and if you don't have anymore room to tilt it forward it's possible the shaft could have turned inside the arm for the lightning rod. Loosen the bolt at the arm, hold the 5 cup forward and then tighten it and you should get more room to adjust that row forward, you may have to remove the 5 cup to do this so hold the 4 or 6 forward. This can also happen with the arm on the #1 or any other shaft, and it can be a combination of the arms on the #1 and 4-5-6 shafts. Over time from use and table jams the shaft can turn inside the arm and because it has a spring on it it wants to turn back, so you end up losing some cup adjustment forward. Obviously the lightning rod bushings and pins should be nice and tight too, this is important in getting enough cup tilt and adjustment. So I'm guessing either the table shifted when you replaced the bearing or it was never in proper position to begin with.
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      It was never in the correct position to begin with. everything was sitting about 3 inches forward and to the left. So before I messed with it the cups were basically sitting outside the spots at 10 o'clock. The yoke on the 1 shaft had an inch of play between the 2 center lock collars and was shifting constantly.

      Oh and yeah the table is maxed out as far back as I can get it. you shoulda seen the flags when they werent even in the spots.
      When you know what to do, everything is easy.


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        I had a couple like that that I needed to move the table more but could not and ended up putting the front end back in proper position. That's probably what you need to do. When the front end is in proper position and the correct height all the table adjustment easily fall into place, makes things so much easier.


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          ok, how the heck do I do that?
          When you know what to do, everything is easy.


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            The X frame is crooked in relationship to the table - put your combo square on the other side - then move the collars to level it all up - report back please


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              Originally posted by 8270king View Post
              The X frame is crooked in relationship to the table - put your combo square on the other side - then move the collars to level it all up - report back please
              Another good thing to check. That being off will screw everything up, you'd have the table going one way and the X frame going the opposite way- mess.


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                What condition are your table pillow blocks in? When they wear they cause the table to shift at funny places


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                  Have had to put pacman washers under the front of the pillow blocks to move table back. Spotted fine after this was done.


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                    It looks like the link that pivots the cups next to the right front leg yoke is installed wrong causeing your problem. The key knotch is off center and can be put on wrong.


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                      I had that where the front of the x frame wasn't square to the table and had the same result as Grit, once squared up table spotted perfectly
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                        Yup, it'll gecha every time!


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                          I have a similar issue with one of my lanes, from what one of the oldies has told me, the issue has been there since he first started here 19 years ago. I repositioned the table and did a full table setup, got the head pin on spot but 2-10 are between 7/16 to 3/8 off spot and that is as close as i can get them Although i did notice that the X frame had been welded at some stage right next to the 4 pin, I am thinking that it was not welded level or has warped from over heating when it was welded.

                          2012-08-06 10.24.14.jpg


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                            If you can get the head pin on spot then you would be able to get the 2,3 on spot also due to the X frame repair is behide them. Change the lightning rod and the link on the #1 shaft that the lightning rod bolts up to it also could have gotten bent when the X frame got broken. Please post a pic of the #1 cup adjustment.


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                              2012-08-07 11.57.51.jpg Flagged headpin (Same flag position all round the machine pin #1-10)
                              2012-08-07 11.58.13.jpgTop of headpin cup
                              2012-08-07 12.02.18.jpgBottom of headpin cup
                              2012-08-07 12.09.09.jpgPin #4, 7 and 8. This is the closest that pins 2-10 can get to on spot

                              I inspected the lightning rod and swapped it over, there's no bends and all bushes are in good condition, also the pic of the flagged headpin is the same all round the machine, the table needs to be rotated clockwise and back a little to get everything on spot but the table is already fully adjusted as far clockwise and back as possible. I am lost on what it could be.


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