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  • Quick help need urgently

    Part number 070 003 223

    Had one of these break earlier in the week and no spares. I called my supplier and told them to overnight airmail the part as quickly as possible regardless of the cost of the freight. Turns out it cost me $140 just for the airmail which is no issue, when i called to get the part sent on tuesday morning (8.30 AM) it seems like my supplier has bent me over and fingered me once again as they did not send the part until yesterday afternoon, so now I wont get the part until tomorrow afternoon if I am lucky......To make a long story short, I have been a lane down for 4 days including today and have a full house for the league tonight (was expecting the part to arrive yesterday or early today)

    Anyone have any ideas on what I could cut, weld, bend, hammer or make to get the lane up and running just for tonight at least. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks everyone.

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    I am not t work so I dont know if the size is right but what abut a large tie rod end. I know it swivels but if you had a welder you could weld one side. Might make it through the night. There is a larger end fitting somewhere else too but I can't come up with it right now.
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      Have considered using a tie rod end but dont think it will have the strength when i put a 9/16 hole and bolt through the guts of it, and chance of welding are limited as tie rod ends are cast and i dont have a welder big enough to weld cast.


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        Depending on where the break is we have welded them plenty of times here if no spares on hand.
        Even if it is a clean break half way down the thread as long as you can get some thread back in and lock the nut off.
        I have also seen machines run with one side broken with no ill effects.


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          I don't have a book with me what part is this exactly?


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            TJ the part is LINK-THREADED-SWEEP on the end of the telescopic sweep link ass'y.


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              You can try making a 90's style bracket. I'm looking for a picture for you now.

              Found it. detail&itemcode=090006128
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                If you have the 90 brackets on the sweep bar itself,you could for an emergency only... shorten the sweep stroke so it wont quite sweep past the tailplank and it will make it through the league. League bowlers should not hit the sweep like open play and shove it into the pit.
                I have found a few lanes like this on Monday mornings where Popeye's pipe has been broken over the weekend and nobody knew it!
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                  Yep. I agree with Keeth. They can run for a long time on just one if you don't know that is broken.


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                    Thanks for the help guys.... Got through the league by the skin of my teeth... I ended up making a bracket out of old pit support brackets, very similar to the 90's style bracket and had just bolted it up and was about to give it a shot as everything seemed to line up rather well.... Then out of no where my parts walk through the door just before the league starts I almost kissed the delivery woman.


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