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  • Welcome to hell.....

    My main center just had the lanes inspected the other day. Only 4 issues. An edge board too low, 3 flats off slightly (all too low) and a few gouges in 1 deck. Not bad at all I think. The other center I had worked for years and am going back on a more permanent basis helping the other mechanic get it back into shape. Their inspection is this thursday. I keep telling myself...."Be very scared". After years of leaks they are supposedly fixing the roof pretty soon. It leaks in the bar, it leaks in the banquet room, it leaks in the shoe room, it leaks in the office. I took a little video today of the back of the center. Oh, It also leaks over a couple lanes as well.

    Failed safety course.Question #1:In case of fire what steps do you take? Apparently 'Friggin long ones!" is the wrong answer.

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    Brings back some memories of pin chasing shifts I had years ago. 8 hours a day for a week of moping, dumping, covering machines, wading in that crap. I sure as heck hope they get that roof fixed up asap, and hope its not stormy out on Thursday!


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      Sorry but that place looks like a damn bomb site, those conditions are appalling.


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        Unacceptable for the owner to allow the working conditions to be like like- totally unacceptable and not to mention dangerous, OSHA would like to see that!


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          I couldn't believe it the first time I walked into the back. I cleared off the half dozen motor and gearboxes from the workbench that were in various states of dis-assembly. Gearbox oil all over everything. I just took a box and threw all the tools in it, cleaned and stacked the motors and gearboxes off to one side til they could be gone thru. Look carefully at the Dizzy parts bench in the video...those metal parts drawers were filled to the brim with water. That's a totally rust-covered belt runner and clutch plate. I would say that 75% of the parts on that bench were new and less than half are salvageable.
          Failed safety course.Question #1:In case of fire what steps do you take? Apparently 'Friggin long ones!" is the wrong answer.


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            Is the center that bad off that they could'nt fix the roof ? ( seems ridiculous)


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              It's a huge roof...48 lanes and the concourse runs not quite halfway across the width of the building. 2 bars, a banquet room, party room, offices etc.
              Failed safety course.Question #1:In case of fire what steps do you take? Apparently 'Friggin long ones!" is the wrong answer.


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                Failed safety course.Question #1:In case of fire what steps do you take? Apparently 'Friggin long ones!" is the wrong answer.


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                  Wow all those monies coming in and still holes in the roof, try putting some tarps over the roof or even use some quick dry silicon, fill the holes with tar......something......anything.....


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                    Mine isnt that bad but I do get a nice waterfall coming down the back wall just to the right of my main breaker panel when it rains moderately. Freaking landlord has done nothing about it in the last 15 years and I have been slowly finding and repairing smaller leaks. I can feel your pain.


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                      When it rains just flick some breakers off and when he asks why there breaking just say water must be in the back and shorting out (assuming that the landlord is also the owner of the business)


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                        Worked in a similar bowl where lane 20 had a built in waterfall feature cascading onto the aisleway. Owner was a "slum lord" figured if the center went down the next owner could not afford to fix the things he left like the asbestos tiles in the ceiling hanging down and the waterfall next to 20. Roof corroded and holed in numerous places. I feel your pain. Had to place plastic sheeting over one pinspotter on which water leaked into chassis and sweep motor. Try hunting down leaks in middle of heavy rain. Gave up trying to find every pinhole leak. Roof panels buckled and seams leaked.


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                          Sounds like my old place. I remember for a while we had an old beer banner hanging over 1&2 to get the water away from the machines. We did patch as much as we could but the place always leaked like crazy
                          All I want in life is to turn wrenches and climb around pinsetters/pinspotters again :/


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