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combination motor test box


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  • combination motor test box

    I want to build a motor test box, commplete with capacitors, relay, contactor and all can any one help with a wiring diagram?

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    I have a simple diagram for a combo tester, if anybody wants to PM me with their email address or wants to host it for posting.

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      Here's one I built,...

      The wiring was taken from the machine schematic.
      With this setup, I could test motors under load (a 5gal bucket full of scrap metal) and test reverse and braking.
      I could make you a simple wire diagram if you need one.

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        I can't remember how to post a flick, but have one of the tester I built in my gallery. I took the wireing from a machine, table side for reference. Mine doesn't do reverse though. Dang PC, that is one SWEET tester!
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          ...thanks fellas


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            This one the one I built. It would be nice to set it up like Pincups so they can be tested under load but it is good enough to check wiring. Tests combo and BE motors.
            Also in the thread is Triac's wonderful wiring diagram.
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              Wow id hate to trip and fall and that


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                I was thinking about making an air powered aluminum can crusher but after seeing this set up I bet I could get those cans real flat with a combo motor powering it.


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                  This is my test lab


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                    I have 59 combo testers...., somebody had to say it.


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                      Originally posted by Tablejam View Post
                      I have 59 combo testers...., somebody had to say it.
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                        Here is a picture of mine. Did not have the backend cable hooked in at tome of picture but it is now.
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                          This is actually our chassis tester, so we can work on chassis during 2nd shift when the lanes are all running. The boss ran across a couple of machines at a bargin price that we parted out. Bolted one of the front ends to the wall. I suppose we could use it to test motors as well, but not too many motor issues here.Picture 005.jpg
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                            I like that idea....I have a few front ends that are taking up space and that seems like a great use for them!
                            Failed safety course.Question #1:In case of fire what steps do you take? Apparently 'Friggin long ones!" is the wrong answer.


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                              Can't take credit...Got to hand it to Jamie at Stahl's
                              I can't even spell Brunsw-ick anymore!!!


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