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82-70 table problem


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  • 82-70 table problem

    hey guys. i have a table that i have a few problems with. First of all this particular table was replaced before i got here and it was not done properly. The biggest problem is that i cant get the 3 pin on spot. it needs to be kicked in but it is out of adjustment and it hits the z bar.i loosened all the collars on the yoke and slid it and readjusted it and it still wont.i replaced all the bushings on the z bar and checked to see if it was bent and it isn't. i also can't get the flag tool to hit the center of the spot on the head pin however the 7 and 10 are sure im over looking something but i just can't figure it out. i also changed the triangle bracket on the spot rod spring support as it was really worn out..please help.... thanks to all that reply

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    You might have to loosen the front unistrut and track brackets and pry the front end over to get more centered for the flagging. The frames are normally spread for clearance for the long sweep rod bolt heads, but you can usually relax one side for flagging. As a last resort, you can loosen the collars on the front x-casting feet and fudge the front of it over for clearance of the cups to z bar.
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      How can you flag the 7 and 10 perfectly but have the head pin off? That doesn't seem possible to me. I guess the tilt could be off a little which could slightly alter the flagging. Is the table level?


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        ok ted can i also slide all the z bar brackets over also? bwc its not perfect but real close. i was wondering the same. this table does need leveled and all adjustments gone through i will start with that and let everyone know thanks


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          Originally posted by BWC View Post
          How can you flag the 7 and 10 perfectly but have the head pin off? That doesn't seem possible to me. I guess the tilt could be off a little which could slightly alter the flagging. Is the table level?
          I agree and if the 7 and 10 are dead on and the 1 is off then something is wrong there. Only thing I can figure is the table is not level. As far as the 3 pin you say the table was not installed correctly so it was not flagged, but it is also possible the X frame is not square with the table either.


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            the z bar brackets have key ways so you will only be able to go so far.
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              Although possibly unrealistic depending on your linage and most certainly time consuming, it sounds like you need to start over. In the long run, it's going to take less time to start over and do things right than it is going to take you to figure out what someone else did wrong.

              A buddy of mine owns his own auto repair shop, he charges an extra $20 per hour if you worked on it first just for this reason.

              On the bright side if you pull it out, it's a perfect opportunity to power wash it make it all pretty like.
              Change the chassis, is not the answer.


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                This might sound a bit stupid and obvious but the clamps and nuts that hold the cup to the bar aint been put back upside down have they?
                Im guessing you have a steel table? as already mentioned its impossible to have the 7+10 flagged but the head pin out. Something is defo wrong there.
                If you have a spare table then fit that onto the lane, or take the table out and strip the table and cells completely down to bare bones. check every collar, bush, everything for problems. Seems a pain but sometimes best to start over than to be wasting time endlessly fault finding in a machine with no space to move in.


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                  Has the table yoke been repaired around the 3 area?

                  I have a few 'close' tables where I've had to remove the spacer next to the Z bar arm at the 3
                  cup so I could slide it on spot. The cup gets real close to the yoke but does not hit it. If the cup, in this situation, is hitting the yoke the cup may be bent.

                  Why don't you list the procedure you use to flag the table, maybe there is something in there we can find.


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