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5" Pinwheel pulley 82-70


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  • 5" Pinwheel pulley 82-70

    Hey all. Was wondering where I could purchase the 5" cast pinwheel pulleys? I'm not interested in the aluminum sheet metal style because I'm not satisfied with the those. The majority if this house is the cast style hut came up with no part numbers. Thanks in advance!

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    Ed Fox has some really nice ones.


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      Stahl's has the cast ones as well.
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        5" is perfect


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          100_0124.jpg I get these at Fleet Farm, they are 5" but are A- width. That allows the belt to ride alittle higher in the v so it looks like a 5 1/2 " and I can use the same belt, B190. Sometimes a little more spring tention is needed.


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            Can someone post a vid of both the standard and 5" pulley running, I would like to see the difference.


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              The difference is when the distributor is going from the #9 to the #1 the next pin is in the middle of the distributor instead of right at the end of it.
              It is even more effective going from the 4 back to the 7.
              Also I would not go any smaller than 5" for the elevator drive. I was experimenting with a 4" and a 3.5". The problem I ran across is the pins get
              burned by the carpet because they are log jammed at the back of the carpet for to long. Also take in mind that this is with the standard diameter carpet
              pulley not the smaller 8800 gold version that makes it go even faster. O and another thing the new edge back end setup has a 5" pulley as well.
              I'll see you in the streets.


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                I have some 4" pinwheels and have no issues. Slower is better for me. I'm running the Splawn Greenies, though. Delivery into the turn pan is great and consistent.
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                  Anyone have a part number for the ebn or stahls cast pulleys?


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                    I have all splawns on all of mine now but the two lanes with the 4" pulleys were burning pins. I changed back to 5" no problems anymore. I know
                    I'll see you in the streets.


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                      Stahl's...000-023-673-S4C 4" cast ...000-023-673-S5C 5" cast
                      I can't even spell Brunsw-ick anymore!!!


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                          Hmm, are some mechanics so lazy now they can't feed pins with the original pulley?? - I saw the smaller pulleys in the 90's and was like WTF!! Too damn slow for me. TJ, just vision your pinwheel belt slacked out toward the control box bracket. I thought it was ridiculous back in the 90's. Smaller pulleys mean lazy mechanics that can't make the machine run on OEM equipment. I'd be opening a can of whoopass on someone that dumb!!


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                            The problem is with the design. Even if the machines were installed perfectly and adjusted perfectly, which is not possible so then as close to that as possible, there would still be issues, even slightly, with pin orientation and if the 5" pulley only slows it down slightly it might be slightly enough to make it run better which means less calls which mean happier bowlers..... which means more money.

                            Personally I like to have things stock. I have been slowly getting rid of the slower pullies and it is difficult to have a machine have 100% perfect pin orientation. But I take it as a challenge that my ultimate goal is zero distributor jams with few or no mods.


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                              TJ, I agree but with oil to 40+ ft. and the new pins vs. the 3-4 year old ones they react different. (I rotate pins monthly) I can put anything/anytime without diddling with a bunch of lanes for weeks.


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