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    on or off?

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    I don't have many left on. (can break off and jam the carpet) I do have pieces of old carpets behind some flat gutters to stop idling pins and balls. Also some strips of old flat gutter bottoms across the back of the deck. Some carpets shrink up over time and cause issues.


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      I have them all on at my house, BUT have noticed when they break off they still work just the same ..... but yeah I keep mine on all the time.....
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        I got them on across the house I personally haven't had any break off


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          Don't use them here, they can break off at the worst time and jam the front roller or worse, ruin the carpet. It's funny though because this goes on the BDS, we NEVER have balls idle there, when they do it's always on the OPPOSITE side and that's very infrequent. Noticed no difference with them off (except no jammed rollers or ruined carpets!) so I see no reason to put them on. It's supposed to be there for a reason but for us it's fine without it.


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            Yeah when they break off they tend to do some terrible damage to the carpet etc....
            AS REQUESTED....The all new and VERY improved "super cool" Pin_Head with super hip shades.....


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              Mine have been in the dumpster for many years


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                Haven't used them in 20 yrs


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                  Originally posted by 8270king View Post
                  Mine have been in the dumpster for many years
                  Yes, they are very easy to install in that location.


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                    I generally take them off when we do a pit job. Like everyone is saying..........they break at the most inoportune moment and cause damage.


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                      I guess I don't fully understand the purpose of these (except to ruin carpets), as I have never seen a ball idle there without them.


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                        what are these brackets? and what do they look like?


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                          It's called a 'ball idle bracket' and mounts basically to the front of the BDS of the bounce board, it's supposed to prevent balls idling there. If you want a pic I can snap one at work tomorrow.


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                            Had them in all my machine when I was with AMF never had any break but then again I rebuilt all the pit every year. At the center I am now installing them.
                            amf 82-70


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                              Ball Idle Bracket Reality ?

                              What a misunderstood little part!First of all, the bracket is not intended to keep the ball from idling against the flat gutter (between front roller & gutter), but rather between the roller and the bounce plate. Remember that the front of the bounce plate is higher than the front roller. With a slightly saggy carpet belt, the ball can idle between roller and bounce plate at any point across the pit, but, due to the tilt of the pit, when it reaches the area about 12 inches from the BDS kickback, the ball idle bracket nudges it upward so the carpet can carry it over the high edge of the bounce plate and rearward.As far as breakage, try the newer design: it's one piece.As far as mounting, it's never tight enough because of the gap between the 914 channel and the bracket. It can always loosen up. If you over tighten it, the plate collapses and eventually the bolt snaps. TRY THIS:Get some steel spacers 1/4" ID x 1/2" OD x 3/4" Long (Hardware store, McMaster Carr, Grainger) and install one for eack bolt, between the bracket and the 914 channel. This will allow you to fully clamp the bracket and channel together and let you "feel" when it is tight. For a little extra security, I also add a stover nut to the end of the bolt after assembly.Never had a failure with this for over 20 years.djs


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