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  • Lazy Paddle

    So the paddle between the lanes that prevents the pins from going up the ball return is very wont even push the pin out of the way...even when a ball is not pushing against first I found the belt had jumped off the wheel and was moving it by the axle instead of the wheel...but it still didn't fix the paddles ability to push the pins out...I am running back almost every 5 min to unstuck some balls...

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    Is the paddle or "arm" rubbing on something?


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      doesn't appear to be...just really if you were sloshing back and forth on a boat...slowly to one side with a little smack/wiplash....slowly to the other...


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        Depends on you ball lift type.

        Are you running kickers or PBLs?

        If PBL do you have LBS?

        If no LBS do you have the hydraulic, or spring loaded drive link or LBC?

        If you disconnect the drive link from the rudder and move it completely to both sides by hand does it move smoothly or does it bind?

        Are the rudder drive belts coated with oil or grease or cracking?

        Is there enough tension on the belts?

        Does the rudder actually stick to one of the bumpers?

        The answers to these questions will help narrow down the problem and also gives you some things to look at.


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          Yeah like TJ was saying Cameron, can you let us know more in relation to what type of ball lift system you have? as that would greatly help us troubleshoot for ya....
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            Since your center sat for a while with either system if the large center post and its bushings dried out of lube you can get this.
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              Hydraulic drive links can get weak and this can happen
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                So whatever happened with this?


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                  How about a broken rudder arm end on the paddle? just a thought


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                    Sorry about the late response guys...I have kickers...It doesn't bind that I can tell...belts dont look like they are cracking...its possible there was grease on it...I noticed the belt had jumped off the wheel and was rolling on the I just took it and put it back on the wheel...Since your post I took a rag and held it on the band as it was going around...I have had both lanes 3-4 running for about an hour now and haven't had to run back for a ball yet... Knock on wood....If it comes back I will let you guys know...But I guess I would have to call this one caused by grease.


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                      and as soon as I post this...4 times the balls have gotten stuck...on lane just seems like the paddle isnt moving as fast as all the other lanes...


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                        You need to take the belts off the padle and run it by hand and feel the amount of pressure that it is pushing each way. I think the shock is bad and there is no pressure toward lane 4. If they are equal then we need to look at the next thing. Are the belts slipping when you get there? Can you get us a pic. of the set up. I use one extra spring for the mouse trap tention with the Stahl's silver pulley to slow the padle down.


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                          I took video..but I can't upload it through my phones email (HD, file to large) I will upload when I get home and get my cable for it...


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                            Is there a pin in the exit that is'nt getting pushed out or the ball laying and spinning against the kicker? Get a pic with the curtain down and from the back between the machines.


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                              Ok kickers.

                              Grease or oil on those small belts can do that.


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