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82-90 jerky pin setting ( help help help )


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  • 82-90 jerky pin setting ( help help help )

    hey ppz
    sorry im kinda new on these machines, we had our xframe snap between the head pin and the 2nd and 3rd we've replaced it adjusted everything runs ok but iv noticed when the pin cups pivot to the up right postions befor setting its very jerky it sets the pins but are wobbly.....

    can any1 give me a heads up
    dose somthing need lubing
    dose somthing need adjusting

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    Sounds like the 3 springs on the yoke need to tightened. Make sure they are all set to equal pressure, and I would start by adjusting them a small amount at a time. You'll know if you get them too tight when the cups snap back when the table returns home. Also check to make sure none of the spotting cups are rubbing against the yoke on the way down.


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      Agreed. I think it's loose yoke springs also. Most common cause of this from my experience. Also this would get more views in the main AMF forum instead of tech. reference. I'm sure one of the mods will move it
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        If your yoke spring tension checks out okay, check the 2624 link. It's the keyhole looking thing on the #1 yoke shaft that has a cam follower roller bearing inside of it. It's quite common for newbies to install the 2624 link backwards. It WILL go on the shaft either way, but only work in the proper position as the keyway is machines offset. Many mechanics say install it with the number stampings facing out, but they DO differ from vintage to vintage. The only true way is to inspect the keyway while the cups are at rest with table at 355. Look at a known working pinsetter to verify.
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          Since the table yoke was replaced besides the yoke springs I would suspect the overall adjustment. How did you adjust this one, did you try to copy the broken one or did you set it up by the book? There are lots of things that can cause what you describe so narrowing it down will help. A good video of it spotting will really help. The thread title says 82/90 but your profile says 70XLi so I'm guessing you have aluminum tables. If you followed the adjustments correctly it should run similar to this...

          You'll notice in the first video when the pins touch the deck they are slightly tilted forward then rock back as the cups pull away. This adjustment is known as the "toe" adjustment, that is to say it makes the pins touch toe first then rock back on the rest of the base- this will get you good spotting. If the toe is completely set wrong it will set them flat bottom, which sometimes works, or will set them the opposite- heel to toe, which causes them to rock forward out of the cups as they touch the deck and wobble, and if bad enough fall over.

          When it's setting the pins, when the pins touch the pindeck are they touching flat or heel first or are they touching toe first then heel like in the above videos? If the toe is not set correctly not only will it cause pins to wobble but can also cause the cups to jerk as they tilt forward if it's set badly enough. If this table was spotting similarly to the above videos before the original yoke broke, then this yoke is just a matter of getting it setup and adjusted properly.

          If you don't have the manual sign up for the QubicaAmf customer portal and download it so you can follow the table setup procedure, you can also visit this thread:

          Which has excellent information regarding setting this up.

          And finally, I would DEFINITELY be going after why the pins jammed that caused this to break in the first place so that you don't end up here anytime soon.


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            shes all fixed but this how it all started


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              2weeks later but fixed

              shes all fixed but this how it all started


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