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  • Random Cycle

    I recently changed centers from a 70's house to a 90XL. I have a random cycling issue on 3 of my lanes. All odd numbered lanes to be exact. I have been looking at all the posts that have been dealing with this issue and taken and used the majority of the advice but still cannot seem to resolve the issue. What happens is randomly before or after a bowler throws a ball the machine will begin its cycle. This can happen on 1st or 2nd ball but there doesn't seem to be a pattern as far as what ball it is in. Lane 3 has had the most issues so I have been focusing my efforts there. I have replaced/realigned the ball trigger and reflectors. On the reflectors I added large black pieces of poster board to prevent any "cross talk" between the opposing lanes. Replaced the front end control box, chassis (silver box) and replaced all the cam switches for the sweep and table. 10th frame switches are disabled. 90's electronics are still a bit new to me so any input would be greatly appreciated.

    We are using BOSS 9.0 scoring with Accucam 3000 cameras. Silver box chassis and Black square box style ball triggers mounted on the kickback.


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    After seeing so many views of this post I thought I would give an up date. After checking all the wiring from the sweep and table cams along with the wiring from the return up front back to the front end box and didn't find any issues. When I went to plug the sweep cable back into the motor the machine cycled and continued to cycle as I moved the plug around. I checked the plug end and found the area between the 3rd and 6th pin was burned and cracked. I replaced the cable and no more random cycle. I checked the other 2 lanes I was having trouble with and they had the same issue with the plug end. R&R'd those as well and it resolved the issue with those lanes also.

    Just curious if anyone else has had this same issue.



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      Interesting. We have Qubica now but when we had BOSS this didn't happen.


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