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Pit doesn't work :(


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  • Pit doesn't work :(

    Alright guys, this one is bothering me because I can't figure it out. I was installing some switches for my lighting (to switch from black light to white light when the machine turns on) and it has been fine on 9 of 10 machines. But I have one machine where the pit wont come on. Taking the advice from last time I had a pit problem I made a jumper cable, plugged it in and bam the pit works non stop. Put the regular plug back in and it doesn't work. Check the voltage on the plug coming into the motor, getting a wopping 14v. Thought maybe it was the BE relay in my SS Chassis so I swapped it with a known good, and it still didn't work. Completely swapped the chassis and still same 14v. Noticed the BE relay wasn't making contact when I turned the machine on, that's why I replaced it first, so as I read the electrical manual I came to the conclusion that it must be the capacitor on the BE. I opened up the stator and noticed the capacitor was a little black on the bottom and thought YES I found it! So swapped out the capacitor, and yet again no power...Just 14v...The sweep and table still run just fine, and the switch in the pit for the curtain still tells everything else to go. Just the pit isn't getting enough power, anyone know where I should look? Oh and the switches in the control box are good, and are only getting 14v there also.

    Thanks in advance guys1

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    Hows the C-1 (harness side) pins looking? Changing the cap wouldn't have any effect since you weren't getting the voltages on the plug in the first place; also you powered the BE motor from the wall too, so we know the motor itself is good.

    When you said the switch on the control box is good, did you Ohm it out, as well as the wires from the switch to the C2A for continuity?
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      I would get out the machine schematic and check continuity from the BE motor plug back through each terminal to C1. It's possible that a wire got slipped onto the wrong terminal when doing wiring. Our machines show 14 volts in the Pindication lighting circuit, that's why I suggest it.

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        I held an insulated screw driver against the BE relay and the back end would turn on...

        ....I am also having an issue with another lane, no power what so ever...I have good power to the cord, and I checked the light and it has good power...and I have 24v to the switch, but 12 to the be motor...and nothing comes on...that's a different lane though.


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          Anyone have a good schematic of these machines? The one I have doesn't do me much good for the actual wiring...I got everything I need for the chassis wiring but not the pinsetter...


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            The 82-70 electrical manual is available in PDF at the QubicaAMF customer portal, where you can register an account with your center's customer ID number. I believe there is also a high resolution picture of the schematic in the 82-70 technical reference forum here on Bowl-Tech, which is clear enough to look at but not as clear as the digital version at the customer portal. Does the SS chassis have any secondaries that produce 14 volts, or is that just the stepper chassis?
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              If I've read everything correctly the motor runs when bypassed (verifying the motor/capacitor is good). The motor runs when the BE relay in the chassis is manually engaged (verifying the wiring from the chassis to the BE motor is good). Turn on the machine with the Pit/Table/Sweep switches all off and flipping the Pit switch can you hear the BE relay in the chassis engaging? If not then bypass the switch by jumping the wires, this will eliminate the switch. Last thing left if you still haven't tracked it down would be the switch wiring up through the terminals and into the chassis.
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