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Finger issues part 2: Not picking up pins


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  • Finger issues part 2: Not picking up pins

    We got it all back together but they are not picking up when the following pins are left: 3-6-10, 4-6-10, and 6-10
    Where shall we look? Help

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    Well since the 6-10 are common in those three situations I'd be looking at those cells to see if one or both are closing too tight around the pin causing them to not lock. Will it pick up all of those pins if they are left individually?

    When the respot cells are adjusted "correctly" as far as how they close on the pins, with AMF pins and the pin in the middle of the fingers where the wear spots are on them, they should hang from the cell with the fingers at about the top of the top stripe, or with the gauge just fitting between the fingers when closed. When it picks up a full rack all of the pins should hang like this the same way. If any are higher then that indicates that cell is closing too tightly on the pin which can cause them to not lock and pick up the pins. If any are lower the cell is not closing tight enough and may drop or not pick up that pin. The adjusting screw on the cell switch lever will change this.


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      Yeah check your 6 and 10 pin carbi links seeing as TJ said they are common cells in your problem. Wouldn't hurt to change them for serviced cells either. Check the 2" gap on all your cells and make sure there is 1/4" free play on your rear finger when pushing your shifter link up with your hand
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        You can also drop the table down on all 10 pins with the cells shut, loto and you should be able open all of those fingers individually even if just a hair to prove that they are not bound up. If the 6 or 10 are rock solid they will stop the others from fully closing.
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          Good tip keeth I will have to try that.


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            Why did you start a new thread for this? Kinda a pain in the butt having to switch back and forth between threads to see the whole story
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