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  • Up Rail covers

    hey all. I have a lot of bad up rail covers and was looking for a good manufacturer to use for replacement covers.. I've heard of guys using brunswick cover before with great results. Also please include if a thimble is needed.

    Never had to order the stuff on the AMF side before. Thanks!

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    I've neen using the red covers from CNC on the lower portion of the rail with great success. One cover will do a pair of lanes. Just cut it in half. I then use the standard black AMF cover for the upper portion. It's alot cheaper than the clear covers from AMF and does a great job. Using a thimble isnt neccessary but it will help the bottom edge last a little longer.
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      I do like the lift rod covers from CNC as well. We use the thimble on it to prevent the bottoms from tearing early.
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        I like the Stahls tan gum rubber tubes with the AMF thimbles.


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          A bit pricey, but I have has awesome success here with the clear AMF rail covers...
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            I have had success with the stock covers and the Stahl's thick covers - they both work well


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              I think the fundamental thing though is, most will work well if kept clean and looked after properly...
              AS REQUESTED....The all new and VERY improved "super cool" Pin_Head with super hip shades.....


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                I like the Stahl's thick covers.


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                  Stahl's thick tan covers with the orange thimbles..... WIN!

                  We never, EVER have balls yo-yo-ing on these......EVER!!!

                  When using these with a PBL the orange thimbles are a must as the covers are thicker and the tapered thimble matches the diameter of the cover, allowing a smooth transition from the lift arm to the lift rods and as Kat stated they keep the ends from getting torn up. Without them the ends will tear and the balls will have some difficulty leaving the lift arm. We have some that have been in the machines for 15+ years, really, they look worn but they work perfectly. In fact, after 5-10 years lets say, you just turn them a little to expose an untouched part of the cover and they are as good as new. And, they slip onto the rods easily too!


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                    I use Brunswick covers. But they match the diameter of the thinner covers. If you use the thimbles and are replacing fat covers, I wouldn't use Brunswick covers. I also still have kickers
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                      my center has no thimbles. looks like i am going to give Stahls a call tomorrow. As always, thanks guys. I really appreciate your feedback.


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                        [QUOTE=Pin_Head;503355]I think the fundamental thing though is, most will work well if kept clean and looked after properly...[/Q

                        So true thats all you really need to do with them.


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                          I like the Rocket Rails from Life Long they are pretty good havent had many issues with them. E


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                            I'm backwards but having great success using the short thick black one from amf on the bottom.. clear or stalh's on top. no thimbles needed.. 3 seasons now with none going bad...
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                              Brown gum ruber from Stahl's here, no yo/yo. If you have kickers you do have to grind a flat spot on the cover.


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