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  • sweep

    I have one lane that sometimes after a strike the sweep comes back to guard and it will not set a rack, but if you change it to second ball the sweep goes up to 0. Then just cycle the machine and it sets a rack.
    It does this every once and a while. When it
    does it. It will do it 3 maybe 4 time. Then
    it will stop for days maybe week.I've change the ben switch. Check interlock switch. It did'nt change a thing. For some
    information I have the expander card with
    ray sensor in the kickback. It Acc scoring.

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    Re: sweep

    Hey Rob,

    I'll assume you have SS Chassis. When that happens to me its usually the top center pins in the C1 plug going into the chassis. May not be exactly those two....but once the burned C1 pins are replaced the problem disappears


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      Re: sweep

      I'll assume you've changed the chassis? Could be the sockets on the C1 plug like Coors said, Except our top center is the power for the BE motor.

      If you had a ss pcb going off the arrrays for a strike, the table wouldn't feel for pins, hmmm.

      Did you check the OOR wires and switch? Also you might have a broken wire coming from the relay in the mechanics control box to the BPP Plug or the relay itself has carboned points.

      Could be in your TA's or C2A since a signal is required to let the sweep know when the table is cleared.

      Just a couple more check points since I don't know what equipment you have.


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        Re: sweep

        your right tech...upper center are the BE wires....must be a different row....lane 10 does that to me every two years or so...and once the C1 pins are replaced..all's fine

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          Re: sweep

          Is the sweep motor creeping, I had a sweep motor creep past the top of travel and activate the cam on sweep cams. With auto scorer the machine will not cycle if the sweep went past the cam when the sweep is all the way up. Good luck.
          Ron M


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            Re: sweep

            Ron this same lane started to do new things.
            It would cycle the sweep would not stop till
            it got to the head pin. It did'nt do it every
            time. I thought it was the stop capasitor.
            that was'nt it. the C1 pins 23 and 24 was'nt
            make good contact all the time. I had to get my scamadic out to find it out. it has'nt don't for two week now. I'm keeping my fingers cross. Sometime I think I get something fixed and a week or two later it starts doing it again.


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              Re: sweep

              Robert, seems like you are haveing many problems with no rhyme or reason. SHORTS. When crazy things start happening look for shorted circuits or shorts to ground. Just for fun remove your chassis, pop your wireway cover and get plenty of light. Look along all your terminal strips for anything foreign in there. (old amp pins male or female guide pins silver gum wrapper etc) You get the point. Odds are this is not the problem but it will take about ten minutes.
              P.S. Happenrd to me twice in 27 years at this center.


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