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    We have synthetic pin deck. When we get new
    pins things are okay. Then by fall time they
    start to slide real bad. We strip and oil
    every day. That night after two or three games they start to slide. We get new pin every summer. We put a lot of oil out, but
    we always have. We use the CHAIRMAN THE MACHINE ha-ha-ha joke. Can anyone help me here? I know the pin deck are not getting clean very good, I even hand cleaned them and it still happens. HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP?????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????

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    Check the cleaner pad distance in your program and set it to 62 if it's not already there, the chairman's default is 60 feet and the extra cleaner applied helps keep the decks a little better. The condition of the pad, sponge and squeegee blades all need to be top-notch for the chairman to do even a decent job. Another member also found that crap accumulates in the vacuum fan blades interfering with proper waste pickup, but by the time I read his e-mail, i had given up on my chairman.

    Also, what's the condition of your pin bases ... if the wood has shrunk so that the only part of the base that's on the deck, big problem ... plastic on plastic, add a little carrydown ... sliders out the yingyang.

    THere was a thread under pinsetters brunswick, titled too many out of ranges, from a while back that had a lot of other useful tips ... set preferences to look at topics from the last year to view a whole bunch more info on the topic.

    Good luck and hope this helps:



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      Our pins at my bowling alley where I am a Junior Mechanic are about 4 or 5 years old.... they're probably all illegal but we're only a small centre so it doesn't matter that much... anyway, we only wash (strip) our lanes once a day (if that) using a Brunswick lane stripper, then use a Century 100 oiler. We haven't any much trouble with out of ranges (we have AMF 82-70 machines) except for when a pin is standing in the flat gutter. I don't know why we don't, our decks only get cleaned once a month. Sorry, that didn't help much, I just thought I'd say that we don't seem to have that problem....

      PS Our pin decks are wooden...


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        Re: OUT OF RANGES

        One old trick is to use bleach and water (mixed 1:1). Put mixture into a spray bottle. After stripping lane, simply spray a fine mist onto pin spots. When it dries, this will leave pin deck slightly rough, keeping pins from sliding. This really helps if you have synthetic decks. If you have wood decks, you would want to make sure that finish is in good shape (so that mixture doesn't get into the wood).


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