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  • PBL problem

    I have one PBL in my house, so I don't have too much experience with them. The flipper starts the ball up the lift and it immediately comes back down. The ball isn't spinning the belt is sliding on it.It seems like there isn't enough tension between the belt and the ball.I have Bruns. lift rod covers and a grey belt.This only happens with heavy balls. Nothing helps, I put extra springs on to hold the lift down and tried adjusting it and cleaning the belt. If I lower the lift anymore the light balls won't get in . Any ideas?

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    Re: PBL problem

    try scheming the bottom of the upsweep rails out by putting a 5/16 flat washer in between the lower bracket where it mounts and the lift arm
    i have also found that if i keep my belt tension on the ball lift at 4" it helps


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      Re: PBL problem

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        Re: PBL problem

        On PBL's, the lift is lower and at a different angle. The bottom of the track rails is also a bit closer to the lane. Track rails have been redesigbed around the time PBL was introduced. The little brackets that bolt to the kickback plates for mounting the lift arm bracket have been changed slightly, too, for no known reason. But of course, AMF failed to let anyone know about the changes.
        With all that in mind, this type of problem is usually due to the relationship of ball lift to track rail as far as angle. Shimming out the lift arm and rails usually works well (Tim), but you may have to re-adjust your ratchet rod.
        Try Lifelong's Rocket Rails. They also make an adjustable lower link bracket for the lift that can alter your lift angle.


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          Re: PBL problem

          I havent worked with the PBL's much but doe's the bottom of the up sweep mount to the plates the same as the kicker's? If so is it possible that one of the support bracket's at the bottem of the up sweep is broken?

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            Re: PBL problem

            When the balls fail to go up the belt, is the ratchet weldment nylon rollers catching the rubber bumpers on the ratchet wheel? Check to make sure the weight of a 16# ball is not casuing the nylon rollers to slip and thereby causing the heavy balls to idle in the lift. Badly worn rubber bumpers all the way around the ratchet wheel will cause this problem.

            You mentioned that if you lowered the lift anymore, the light balls won't go in. You shouldn't have to have the lift this far down (borderline of light balls not going in) for a PBL to effectively get balls out.
            Double check your adjustment of the 070-011-049 rod and check condition of oilites in the lift arm weldmet.
            Another thing to check would be the guide rods at the bottom of your uprails. The Screw-in ones that are metal. These help center the ball up the rails.

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              Re: PBL problem

              Is this a v or amf mini kit ? If so and you did not have a template to convert the lift it is possible that your links are off slightly and the angle is to steep. The lifelong adj. lower bracket is a great part to custom fit a pbl or humpback to any pair. The Stahl's covers a great. I like that they changed from the wrapped to solid rubber.


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                Re: PBL problem

                Ed: the bottom of the rails attach somewhat similarly, but to the lift arm bracket, which bolts to the same kickback angle brackets as the starter pad bracket. But this sets them toward the foul line a little (about 3/4"). This is why on some older lanes the kickbacks (wood) have to be notched a little further, to avoid pressing the rails against them.

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                  Re: PBL problem

                  I figured it out. The "Rail" that keeps the top pulley on the ball lift from flying off was too short. Not allowing enough tensuion on the belt. Another long term problem solved thank god


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