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  • Instruct-O-Mat

    I have 82-70 Pinspotters with Solid State Chassis converted to the Xop Board. I also have Accu Score Plus Scoring System.
    The problem I am having is that the Pinspotter is jumping in and out of Instruct-O-Mat and causes Balls hitting the Sweep and resets. I have watched the machine and the ball will hit the pit cushion, the sweep will come to first guard and the ball lights will switch from 1st to 2nd real fast and set 10 new pins on the deck. I have swapped the Lane A board and the problem did not move. I have removed the ground off the terminal in the Junction box on the rear curtain wall with no results. I have the machine jumped at the A&MC plug so it will run. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Instruct-O-Mat


    AMF has a real big problem with intermittent grounds. If you don't use shadow bowling I would suggest disconnecting (and taping it off!) the gray wire to your T-2 transformer. The only drawback is that you won't be able to read the meter at the desk since it has been disabled.



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      Re: Instruct-O-Mat

      hey terry,
      you say you have swapped the lane a board.
      do you mean you have just swapped it with another a board in the liu or fitted a new one. apparently there was an upgraded lane a board designed for use with the xop boards
      otherwise they won't communicate properly.




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        Re: Instruct-O-Mat

        I have found the problem. It was in the Lane A board. I have 50 lanes and the problem was with Lane 46, so I swapped 41-48 A board with the 49-50 A Board. The problem did not move. I then switched 1-8 with 41-48 A board and the problem moved. Some one had apparently swapped a bad board to 49-50 since it only controls 2 lanes. Thanks for all the help


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