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Inconsistency with Century 100 lane conditioner


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  • Inconsistency with Century 100 lane conditioner

    My center uses a brunswick lane stripper and a century 100 oiler that is gradually dying. We are finding it hard to keep a consistent condition on all lanes in the house.... does anyone know anything we can alter etc in the century without buying new parts?? We have tried header sprays but each mechanic in the center does this differently making it even harder to keep a consistent condition. We would prefer not to use sprays if we can help it.

    We use Legends medium viscosity oil. Thanks.

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    Re: Inconsistency with Century 100 lane conditioner


    Inconsistency in the 100 can be caused by lots of things, but if it's lane-to-lane (not day-to-day), I'd look at the following.

    Wick condition: Keep it clean (i used to periodically take my tank outside and blow the dirt out of it with an air compressor from the back side) and change it when necessary.

    Wick Type: I don't know what the legends medium is as far as viscosity goes, but they do make a high flow wick for the 100, and if you don't have one already, it's not too expensive to get one.

    Tongue width: Century made 3 different tanks, each one had a different tongue width. Know I used a shorter tongue'd wick on the tank i ran the 10-10 tube with, and the longest tongue wick when i ran gutter-gutter. Had two tanks and ran two passes to wall em up (one gutter-gutter and one with a 10-10 carpet tube). Running a short tongue wick for a gutter-gutter pass won't get enough oil outside.

    Vent hole: There should be a small hole drilled in the top of the tank body close to where the actuating lever is. If the vent hole is plugged or non-existant, the wick may not recover fast enough to oil consistantly. This would show up as the first few lanes are oily and the house gets progressively drier, because the wick gets vapor-locked sort of.

    Best way to test for a flow problem would be to take the top off the tank after you set her down, oil as usual, but wait a minute or so between lanes, if the bitching stops, then you know to get high flow wicks, check or drill a vent hole, and maybe slow down a bit when you oil to let the wick recover

    Hope something here helps, but it's been 4 years since i had a wick machine, maybe I'm a little out of practice

    By the way, this would have been better posted in lane maintenance forum, cause lots of the brunswick mechs (who still have lane machines) don't read this forum. I do, even though I have brunswick machines.



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      Re: Inconsistency with Century 100 lane conditioner


      Thanks for all that, I wasn't expecting a reply to be that detailed!! I'll print out your reply and give it to my Head Tech and see what he says... thanks for your help.

      I'll post the same message in the Brunswick forum as well as the Lane Maintenance forum!! Thanks for that too!!


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        Re: Inconsistency with Century 100 lane conditioner

        Better to just post it once in the lane maint forum, that way you'll only have ONE pile of responses to look at

        There will be others replying soon that are still using wick machines, and will probably have better answers than mine, because I'm kind of "out of the loop" as far as the latest techniques on wick machines go, but my list should be a good starting point.

        Good luck:



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          Re: Inconsistency with Century 100 lane conditioner


          Good advice there considering you haven't had a wick machine for awhile. Want mine?

          I agree with your suggestion of the high-flow wicks and opening up the vent holes a bit. That will definitely improve the flow. I've also found that a toothbrush is the best thing to use to keep the wicks clean.


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            Re: Inconsistency with Century 100 lane conditioner

            One more suggestion, it's not cheap but if you are still using the old carpet type buffer scrap it and get a brush type buffer. They are capable of putting out more oil, more consistant and more evenly accross the lane. Good luck


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              Re: Inconsistency with Century 100 lane conditioner

              Somethings to consider; vent hole size in the tank,wick opening in tank(20",28",36")
              preferrably you would have the 36" . Also do you have a high flow wick installed.Check the bottom of the wick to see if it has a waxy build up(Parrafin perhaps). These machines were not origionally intended to handle the units or viscosity level of the new oils. A Buffer brush is an excellent idea(SA1182) as they will put out more volume and taper less than a standard Buffer Tube(SA3018)
              Hope this helps, best of luck


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